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My Turbo ZX-14 build thread.


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There doesnt really seem to be an "other" subforum, so this is probably the most General topic area. So I guess ill put it here.


So, I seem to bring it up a lot, or at least I think I do. This has been my way to purge my bank account for the last couple months apparently.


Things should be wrapping up over the next couple weeks so I thought id go ahead and share, and talk about it. I havent been doing a day by day thread on this website, since im not sure how much you guys care about bikes, but since its getting wrapped up here shortly, I figured id post it up.


In a nutshell, The Bike is a 07 Kawasaki ZX14. Old setup was BMC air filter, Full Brocks exhaust, and a Muzzy Nitrous kit. It did 180whp/103wtq NA, and 228whp/135wtq on a 50 shot.


Long story short, #4 spark plug feel apart, and beat the shit of the piston, and scared up the cylinder wall.





At that point, I figured, since the cylinder wall needs to be fixed, lets just punch the block from a 1352 to a 1451. Do full everything pretty much, and build a badass NA bike. Then Jerry came back with 2 price quotes. Big NA build Vs Stage 1 turbo build. Big NA was going to put me around 215-220whp and 130wtq, Thats almost my old nitrous numbers, so I was happy with that. BUT heres the thing, Stage 1 turbo build was only going to be about 2 grand more. BUT I could sell my Brocks exhaust, the nitrous kit, and the intake, and get some of that back. So in the end, the turbo build was only $750 more than that NA build, but we should easily do about 50 more whp compared to the NA build. So things were put in motion.


This is not being built to be a drag bike, this is basically just going to be a fun/crazy street bike. Street manners, and ridability are going to be a big concern on this build.


Staying 1352, doing JE 9.5:1 Compression pistons, Velocity Racing turbo kit with Garrett Dual ball bearing turbo, Tial Wastegate, Doing a port and polished head, degreeing the Cams, better clutch and stiffer springs, Its a pretty long list. lol


Just the main stuff I took pics of. They are 9.5:1 pistons, but we are also running a thinner head gasket, so compression will be close to 10:1


Box of parts, and Radiator



Fuel pump, FMU, Headstuds, piston rings, and some other random stuff.



Pistons, Velocity stacks, Boost gauge, head gasket, air filter



Turbo, manifold, exhaust, and Tial wastegate.



Already on the bike, New rear spring (front springs soon), Stretch kit, 9inchs is maxed out, obviously cant run 9 if you want to be able to tighten the chain, but I set it at 9 for now, just to get a feel for how it would look. Also made a metal undertail, so if the tire hits the tail it wont rip out the ECU (usually a problem on slammed 14s)


And this is how the bike sits now, just waiting... yes the garage is clean now. lol



Also I made a mount for the boost gauge. A/F gauge will be next.







And here is the last piece of the puzzle to finally show up yesterday(9th), a completely refreshed, and replated block. Jerry only sent me one pic of it so far, but basically said its brand new again.




People have pushed stock motors with this turbo kit over 300whp. With all the head work, pistons, and so on, that would be easy for us to do as well, but keeping good street manners in mind, and this will only be a 93 octane pump gas bike. We are going to keep things reliable and safe, and run low boost compared to what its capable of handling. Our end goal is around 275whp, with about 150wtq. Thats still a solid 50 more whp that what my old setup did on nitrous. So this should be pretty crazy when its done.



For those that dont under how fast this will be, or have any conception about what 300hp on a bike can do. Heres a video of a guy on a BONE stock ZX14, same as mine. He is about 170whp. Besides that, to try and find a good video of a 300hp bike is kinda hard to do. There is one of a guy that street races from a highway roll, all the 1200-1400whp Lamborghini's at the big Texas events, and he barley looses to the 1400whp ones....


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Yea, the main reason I went with this kit, is the Garrett turbo, and Tial accessories. Everything else can be modified lol. That and the flange to hold the exhaust manifold to the head, is amazing quality as well.


The motor blew in September, so thats when we tore it down and saw all the damage, since then ive just been saving money, and buying random parts I knew Id need no matter what direction the bike went. Really just been the last 2 months that all the main stuff has been ordered. Luckily I get all parts at cost, if not, this would be well over a 10k build. Even at cost im spending way too much money on this project. lol. But like my builder says "its only money".

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Main problem with bikes, not much room to get my big hands in there to work on them.


Thrill factor is basically untouchable. Stock my bike runs 9s, and you can buy them all day long for under $8,000 for a clean 06-09 model. With a good/light rider, my bike will be capable of over 170+ in the 1/4 mile. But im not that light of a rider. lol


But, if you are unskilled, or dont obey the beast, I will honestly say, these are easier to kill yourself on. No cage, some states like mine, dont require helmets, and for only a couple grand you can buy a 600cc sport bike, that will run mid 120s in the 1/4 straight out of the box. Thats like giving a first time driver a 500 plus whp sports car. It can bite you in the ass quick if you dont respect it.

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Havent really been posting much here on the Ecoboost board lately, and heres why. Ive been finishing up the beast, so its had all my attention. So ill bring you guys up to speed.



Heres another pic of the refreshed block












Filing the rings












going together












slugs in












Crank/lower end, and transmission all together.












Port/polish/reshape done.












Head on, and going back together.








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At this point of the pictures I Just Need to trim boost gauge hose and hook it up to the frame plate you can see with the 2 fitting on the side, Install oil lines for the turbo, and install the rest of the new fuel system which I think is down to just the fuel pump. And put on the new chain. I have all the fairings at my house.

























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And this was about last almost a week ago. Ive now been riding it all week, and put a good amount of miles on it, with the base tune. It goes back in here in a couple days to have all the final tuning done with more boost.


First start up: Click pics for Video. Last one is the best for how it sounds on acceleration.








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That brings you guys up to day, yesterday I made a 2nd gauge pod, and installed a Fuel pressure gauge. Its a Autometer Phantom series, and matches perfectly. so now I just need to get rid of the cheap Equus gauge and replace it with a phantom boost gauge as well. Besides that, Im loving it, its running pig rich right now, but we just wanted a safe tune on it, so I could put some mileage on the bike before it went back for final tuning.












We are leaving the bottom fairings off for now, so I can keep a close eye on everything, make sure nothing starts to leak, or seep at all.


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I just cant wait to get its final tune on full boost, and really see what it can do. It is really nice to be back on a bike at all, the damage happened at the end of September if I remember correctly, so I havent been riding since then. And its been about a solid 2-3 month build since we started tearing into it, and buying parts. Long process, but should be more than worth it in the end.

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well, we got a lot closer on finishing the bike the yesterday. He did idle, then did some part throttle for a little bit just fine, but We only got 2 full WOT pulls before his computer shot craps. We were able to still use the wideband and work on the A/F ratio so im going to go back in a week or so, so we can get final numbers, and possibly raise the boost.


2nd WOT pull, still very rich, it did 277whp with 136wtq. He thinks it probably around 285-290 now that he worked on the tune a little more. And we might bump it up to 8lbs the next time im there to get it finished just to see what it does. lol

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