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Reasons for cruising on an italian ship

EcoBrick Bob

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Being BOLD, BRASH & stupid....


We are going on a Carnival Cruise Feb 13.....


This is the first cruise for our son and girl friend.... I plan on meeting them in their room... with my life vest on!!!!!!


Just thought I'd say that it's been good to know ya.:wave:


You might consider taking your scuba with you.


Oh yeah, Mark would be glad to help you with that.

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Scary knowing that EBB's son and I are the same age.... :tape2:


I suppose I can start referring to EBB as.......


Daddy! :baby:



How about Daddy-O........:RpS_thumbsup:



I hope we don't start the "daddy" thing since my kid is even older than his....:clock:



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Am going to take a cheap snorkel and mask... Should get some flippers too!!!!




Bob, Bob, Bob....nothing makes me cringe like "cheap" mask, snorkel....and they are NOT repeat NOT "flippers"...they are fins. Actually you can get a very nice mask and snorkel for under $100.00, made of clear silicone and a snorkel that remains dry when you dive underwater. I have always told people that it is actually easier to scuba then to snorkel. Free diving is a tough skill to learn and become comfortable doing. But good dive quality fins are not inexpensive. We carry fins from a low price of $89.95 up to and including some fins that retail for $550.00. These expensive fins are Force Fins and are truly outstanding and although very easy to learn and use, are not for someone that isn't using them on a regular basis, unless you can justify the price. Personally, I use one of the higher line Force Fins because of the low amount of stress they place on one's knee joint. If not for Force Fins I would not be able to continue to dive because of my really bad knees. I highly recommend these fins but do understand they are not for everyone. However, my son does have an even higher line fin...although he only purchased them when I took mine back from him! LOL

I do really appreciate Force Fins, it's only because of them I have been able to continue as a PADI Instructor for 29 years!

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Last I heard it was shifting, but wasn't expected to go completely under.




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Mike, I must comment on this. I really enjoy wreck diving, there is nothing like drifting through 60 feet of water to a large ship like the Eagle wreck (proper name-Arron K) or the USS Oriskany (aircraft carrier) in the Gulf of Mexico. It is hard to discribe the feeling of history when on a wreck like the U-352 (German sub) off North Carolina, or being able to touch a sunken galleon like the El Infante in the Florida Keys....As the saying goes..."Diving isn't a sport, it's a lifestyle".

If you haven't tried it, you really should if you enjoy water sports, especially since you vacation in the islands.

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