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Changed RDU fluid today

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Just thought I would post some pics


Here are some DIY 2"x12" car ramps I made.

Found these over @ evolutionm forum




I used a Hydro-Turf oil extractor and a quart fluid pump both found on amazon.





Pic of RDU fill plug....I used a 3/8 drive ratchet to remove it. The hole is pretty shallow, so the ratchet will not go completely in. Anyone know why that exhaust hangar is there?

There is not a bracket on the pipe below it



Drain plug before cleaning, and after. Some metal filings, but nothing to worry about



I couldn't completely warm up the fluid for easier extraction, I didn't want to deal with a hot exhaust while under the car. It was moving very slowly through the tube.



I got out as much as I could, about 32 ounces by weight.

The fluid was pretty nasty. It was the consistency of syrup, maybe a little thicker



Here is a side by side of old fomoco "lifetime" fluid and new redline 75-w90



Wasn't that hard of a job, the pump just took awhile because of the thickness of the fluid.

While I was waiting, I also changed the spark plugs to the new updated part number

CYFS-12Y-3. Probably going to do the PTU fluid next week.









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Thanks for the writeup! How many miles did you say you have on your car? Seems like every time someone has taken a look at the fluid in these AWDs, front or back, it is GUNKY and there is a need for regular (preventive) oil changes. Maybe Ford did not want it to seem too tough to maintain? I am used to the 2 year/24-30K mile suggestions for coolant/trans fluid anyway, a couple more oils to swap out doesn't hurt.

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I think I may add this to the list of the official "how-to's" if that's acceptable?


Seems thorough enough as it sits, but if you want to go back and edit, and/or include additional instructions, then cool! :thumb:


Nice job btw, I'm sure plenty of people here will appreciate your efforts.


Rep points headed your way and lemme know on the "how-to" inclusion.


Mike :yo:

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Time' date=' but not a lot of mileage. Definitely seems like a candidate for regular maintenance![/quote']

Exactly, this car is still pretty new to me (2 months). But the previous owner kept detailed service records of everything.


Bpd1151, thx for the kind words. I went back and cleaned up my op a little bit, added a couple more details.


If I think of anything else I'll try to edit ASAP.

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