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Underhood weather stripping?

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Lol Mike. The two front pieces and firewall ones come off real easy. Take 5 minutes to put them back on. My guess is it would allow a little more heat to escape out across/back of engine compartment. Heat rises. Need a thermal sensor to test and see if it helps any? Anyone have one...? Lol


Just realized if you had a coolant leak (or any fluids for that matter) it might make it up to windshield without seal. Hum...

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I already benefit from addt'l heat extraction, by means of the engine hood vents that I pioneered.


No worries on my part, just contributing to the thread as it relates to removal of the under hood weather stripping.


My model friends were just the proverbial icing on the cake.


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I will run it weather "strip" less for a couple of weeks and report back. ;)

Yep the rear hood spacers are an old trick. Did not exactly want to resort to that technique. Lol


I opened up my factory hood scoop and extractors on my SRT4 Caliber along with strip delete. Made a difference in how quick my inlet temps and engine temps went back to normal after WOT blast.

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