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A Couple Of New Pics (Feb. 2012)....

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Washed the car today after having installed the lower front chin spoiler yesterday. I also installed the rear windshield spoiler last week. Mind you these pics were taken by me and pale in comparison to what my photographer pal would capture, but you guys get the point. Not waxed or detailed either, just plain 'ol washed.


Hope you like 'em :tape2:













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I agree, Mike. You continue to set the bar very high. You are a barometer with the of level of difficulty of mods great and small. I really appreciate you sharing your experiences on this and other forums. Considering the fine rides you've owned, your vigor for the SHO continues to reassure me that the purchase of my Taurus was the right one for me.

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Maybe it's just me... but I think you need to reverse the colors.... Re-PAINT all the black , WHITE and all the white, BLACK!!!!!


Would look MORE OFFICIAL!!!!!!! (Car #4... WHERE......ARE..... YOUUU?????)


Leave it to you Bob to stir the pot...


You're a man after my own heart.


BTW, it appears Alzheimer's is beginning to affect you.... it's actually "Car 54".


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I think Mike gets his fill when he is hamming (pun intended) his way around town during his regular job.


I really really do.... so it's kind of funny you say that.


Although I still find aspects of the career interesting, mainly because the situations I either encounter, or am thrust into, all vary to some degree, my overall enthusiasm has, umm, how shall I put this?


My overall enthusiasm has diminished. Probably best stated in that manner. I wouldn't purposely try to recreate what I drive on-duty, into what I drive personally in an off-duty capacity.


The job isn't all it's cracked up to be, I can assure you each of that.


Ofcourse, this August will see me completing 18 years in the field overall, so anyone with that amount of time on tends to become slightly jaded.



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Hey... in between ATTACKS... I seem to remember those Buicks in "HIGHWAY PATROL"!


And.... I just won the BEER of MY CHOICE from my son..... NY Giants won....!!!! Indifferent on game... but had to CHOOSE... and Won. Great Game...


Second thought... Think you need to paint the Black parts RED... and the rest of the car GREEN!!!!!!!!!! Burp...!

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