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3M carbon fiber wrap?

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Mike had a custom real carbon fiber cover done, and it looks really sharp...I saw that someone did their console (I believe it was on a Limited?) over at TCCA and it came out looking really nice...engine cover would look sharp, but I think 93racecrew has the right idea, Hydrographic printing it would be easier and look really sharp!

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Do you have pics of what you had done. Have been trying to come up with something. The thing I like the best is a pic of the Chicago Bulls mascot, but would cost a fortune. So looking for something to do with it.

http://www.ecoboostownerforums.com/filedata/fetch?id=40205 Post 217 of the "What did you do to your ecoboost today" thread.


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True, actual carbon fiber. Took forever to do. Multiple attempts by the fabricator.


Some members here will recall that I was this/close from having an arrest warrant issued for his ass cuz he left me hang'n for nearly 11 months from time of contract inception, to job completion.


Still, even then, he did a horse sh!t job of clear coating it, as he burned the clear in most of the high spots on the cover, which ultimately caused me to bring it to my body shop friends for proper clear coating and what not. However the CF work itself was pretty damn good.


All in all, I love the piece. A true one-off and I'm glad I had it done..... just wish the vendor was a tad bit more reliable. I made sure he never got work again and black balled him to everyone I know in the immediate Chicagoland area.


Here's a couple of images for 'ya.......









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