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Proud Daddy Moment....


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So I wanted to share my enthusiasm with the rest of you on a proud Daddy moment I experienced recently.....


My oldest daughter (of 3) came home yesterday and immediately walked in the door exclaiming that I owed her a trip to her fav ice cream place called Cold Stone Creamery,


I rolled my eyes and cautiously asked "what for now?" & she smiled & replied with....


"Well Dad, I found out that out of 861 students in my Freshman class, that I am ranked #1!"


My reply? "HOLY SH!T REALLY!?!?" As my bottom jaw dropped.


She says "Uh-huh & my GPA is currently 4.7".


Needless to say, she got her trip to the ice cream shop and I also treated her to lunch today where she promptly ordered a big steak......


Just was proud of her and her accomplishments and wanted to share :thumb:


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My oldest son & G friend are here for a 4 day cruise with us*.... Tonite we went to a great restaurant and he ACTUALLY PAID FOR THE MEAL!!!!!! $145. for 4!!!!!! And.. I remember back in 99' when we had to sell the BIG house to get him to move out!!!!!!! Best thing we ever did for him!!!!!!!


*He's paying for his booze on the cruise!!!

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