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Anyone with a Taurus in a state that doesnt require a front plate?

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I can't imagine that they'd be all that much money?


I mean think about what you potentially may outlay in shipping costs even if a member were to provide you one of theirs for free.


I'm gonna guess you'll come close to breaking even overall.


I'd say pony up for one, or check alternative vendors who sell parts, and avoid the fine(s) from being stopped and issued a citation respectively (for not having it).


***btw, I don't have one available myself***

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If your state requires front plates, I do believe they dealer has to supply the mount/frame for it free of charge. Did you get your rig used? and is that why the front mount/frame is missing? My car was first sold in the mid-west then traveled to several other states before ending up in Oregon where I bought it from and had it shipped to me here in Kalifornia. And it has the front mount/frame on it still. Bruce

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I'm in Louisiana which doesn't require a front plate, however I bought the car in Texas which has front plates. I considered removing the bracket but decided to leave it in place. I plan on fabricating a 6 X 12 piece of aluminum and painting it with laser Veil to absorb any Lidar that is shot at me, and it should give me enough time to slow down to a legal speed.

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