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2011 Limited NON SHO But Tuning And need help !


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Sorry Guy`s but can't seem to find any answers on the non SHO forums. So I came here for some help with tuning.

2011 Limited, with 59,xxx miles , completely stock. Tuning to get the throttle lag removed and the trans to shift firmer plus as much performance as possible.

Bought the SCT and 3 tunes from MPT (More Power Tuning) jn Orlando , Fl. So far 93 Performance tune is loaded and running very nice. All 3 goals met. Ran into 2 problems while data logging.

1. My car has the push button start, is there any way to start the car from the ignition being on, with out it running. This is how the SCT is programmed . From that point, even with my foot on the brake, the car shuts off first and then I have to repress the start button, the data log misses the initial start up.

2. My car is equipped with the paddle shifters. I need to do a 3rd gear pull at wot from 2,000 rpm until redline at 6500. The problem is , the trans still down shifts to 2nd gear and then won't shift until I press the paddle, any way to keep it in third gear ?

Any help will be appreciated ...

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I am not sure I quite understand the first question. If the ignition is on and you want to start the car without first turning it off, can't you just put your foot on the brake and press the start button? As for the 2nd question, the only thing you can do is roll into the throttle more slowly to avoid the downshift until it is WOT.


I am not familiar with tuning the NA engine or with MPT. The situations that you describe are among the reasons that I much prefer using a tuner that doesn't require datalogging under conditions that are difficult (if not impossible) to perform.

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Question # 1.....


I too am confused, as your stated issue is explained in a weird manner. So you have the tune already uploaded into the ECM, yes? Are you looking to add a different tune or return to stock? If so, is that why you're (from what it sounds like) fumbling with the push start in order to "program the SCT"? Typically, to have the car in an "on" condition, WITHOUT the engine running, one would simply press AND hold the push start WITHOUT pressing foot on the brake. Your car will then be in an "on" status and in turn, will allow your device to configure, and interface with, your car's ECM accordingly.


Question # 2.....


I am unaware of a driver/individual being able to perform a WOT run (in 3rd) from 2000rpm's as you desiring, while simultaneously preventing the car from down shifting. It sounds like this is something one should performing under controlled conditions on a dyno machine. Not on the street. But I suppose you can try to attempt such a condition by driving on an expressway and going WOT from a roll, where the speed will allow you to keep it in 3rd gear, your RPM's are around the 2000 mark, and then WOT it to redline?


Good luck with your efforts.

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