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Engine dust shield

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Only one person I can think of that did it (cut them open) and from what I recall, it didn't really help at all.


Furthermore, there were only 3 or 4 of us (1 of which was me in that number) who removed the large plastic under belly pan completely, and then experienced vertical hood flopping.


In my case, I was eclipsing past 150MPH+ and the primary latch let up on my hood. Thank flip'n God I decelerated quick enough that I caught it before it blew off.


I think my problem was exasperated by the engine hood vents I had cut into the hood.


But the 3 other people that reported the vertical hood flopping, exactly as I did, had no modifications to their hoods' whatsoever.


That solitary experience alone, prompted me to have these custom fabricated into my hood as well:












No more (unexpected) hood issues now!


Hell, makes me wonder if I should go ahead and removed those under belly pans once again?


Things that make you go........hhhmmmmmm.

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I agree with these guys comments. It seems that the belly pan not only protects the bottom of the engine, but also adds something to airflow in and around the engine compartment. My suggestion is to not cut it, I had thought of doing the same thing as you, but decided against it. Seems like the best thing to improve engine cooling is to install the 160 degree thermostat.

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OMG - I always wondered why you had those on your car - assumed you liked the retro look. Now I see why!


There's always, ALWAYS some method to the madness of my mods...... ALWAYS.


Some not so obvious as others. LOL.


To the OP, I would agree with Dave & Mark, that cutting out the openings, and/or removing it entirely, may not be your best choice of available options.


Especially if you're not lowered. The volume of air rushing under, and along, the bottom of the engine bay, as well as the entire car, may cause undesired turbulence, as well as lift at higher speeds.


Just food for thought.

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Can you Give us the Method to your Madness: 

(IE: Source & P/N's for the Hood Pins and location Information)

if so thanks a ton, as i just removed my lower for a Gunk Cleaning

and had not put it back yet, So No runs over 70 till i do......Jim


So if we are going to do this, I will attempt this MOD myself,

as i have a Mechanic (under my direction) that is Capable of doing it Correctly,

and since you have paved the way (for a bunch of good mods) i thank you in advance....... :D

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Jim, the actual hood pins are a universal type product.


I will try to locate the link to them, and re-post.


I will caution you however, that as friendly as I am with my body shop pals, & have been their customer for 10+ years now, even they complained to me openly, about what a major pita it was to install these.


They literally said that they would NEVER consider doing this again / for anyone else.




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Not sure the part number for them, but they are custom built to his car.  If I remember right, the shop that installed them said it was an S.O.B. to install.


My apologies, I got side tracked with life's responsibilities......


Here's the product link to/for the hood pins on my SHO.....



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