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Beaver Springs Awards Banquet


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Well we attend the 2016 awards banquet last night.  We had a great time, seeing everyone from the track and catching up on what everyone is doing for this year.  I had to make a thank you speech in front of 300 people, YUCK!  Just want to thank everyone for there support over the past year.  Kinda glad I won the points in the SHO since it has always been the bastard child at FORD.  My wife was there all the time and took all videos, can't thank her enough, esp on those real long Friday night.  Also big thanks to Dan Millen, Anthony Mahaney at Livernois for what they have done for the Ecoboost platform.  Not running fulltime for points this year, want to do other things.  Thanks again everyone and remember, "It's just a Taurus."



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Mmmmmm so sexy you are Brian.


I bet Kris wasn't just taking video at the banquet. But later on too, when you were receiving the real award that evening.


Yabba dabba dooooooooo !!! Lol.


Congrats though. Always proud of you rep'n the "It's Just A Taurus" platform.



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