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SHO up SHO out

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Hello all. My name is Vinny and I sell cars at a dealership here in the Detroit area. About 8 months ago I sold myself the nicest car I've ever owned. I own a 2016 Taurus SHO with the performance package. About 2 weeks ago I went up to Livernois and purchased a stage 1 kit for my SHO. After installing everything myself I am experiencing gains of 65-75 whp and up to 90 wtq! At first I was skeptical about the kit and the price of it, but after install and testing it out I could not be happier. I will be posting some pictures of my SHO here soon. This is a great forum page and I will continue to use it for any questions I may have or any question I may be able to answer. Thank you all! #FordForever

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Welcome aboard the EB train.


For this platform, a tune is bar none, the biggest bang for the buck. Lots of us tuned here and enjoying what has been termed "Perma-Grin" (an everlasting ear to ear smile).


And a few of us have even gone a (little) bit beyond just a mere tune..... snicker snicker snicker.


Anyhow, enjoy buzzing around the boards and look forward to the pics.


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