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Hello all!


Wow... it has been a long time... I used to frequent the private forums quite a bit for a few years until this last year just became so busy. Truthfully, I havent been on forums nearly at all. I finally have a "lull" period at work and I think I'll be able to get to enjoy the comradery once again! 

A little about myself for those who dont know me, my name is Will and I live in the greater Philadelphia area. I'm in my mid-20s and I am proudly one of the younger members in our area but I think I am an old man at heart.

I used to have a white 2010 SHO non-PP named "Lorraine" who munched 2 transmissions, 1 PTU and a partridge in a pear tree before I traded her in for my current 2013 SHO PP in black named "Elvira". I love this car and it truly is a huge step up from my previous SHO. 

I look forward to sharing stories, ideas, and wise-ass remarks with all of you and am very excited to be back on the forums!


P.S.... Shout out to Mark H, Mike K, and Brian M; They are just a few of the guys who have spent hours with me on the phone trying to diagnose issues with my 2010. Without them I probably would have given up and traded her in for some GM piece of junk :P




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welcome back will. man i can't believe you did another sho though, with the trouble you had. but we ll know lemons are out there in every brand. we all remember your tranny problems. luckily mine was nothing like yours & have had no trouble since they replaced the tranny sensors. knock on wood!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks so much for the warm welcome guys! Great to see so many of you from the private forums made it over! I cant wait to catch up!

Brian, I am sad to report Im not going to be able to make it. My sister is graduating college in Montreal that weekend so I'll have to attend that. Its a LOOOONG drive up there so I am going to rent a car as opposed to take the SHO. Youre not going to believe this but... My local Ford dealer has a new Continental that they let me take whenever I like. I am good friends with the manager and they only charge $40 a day with unlimited mileage. I drove it last month to Montreal and she rides like a dream! If they put a bigger engine in it I might consider stepping out of the SHO!!!

Mark, I did take Elvira to Shades of Gray. The guys there remembered us from our trip a few years ago and loved hearing the updates on both our cars. Im sorry I wont be able to see you at Nationals so I think what I'd like to do is come see you and the Mrs. for dinner one night and I'll bring the taillights with me!

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