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It is with a heavy heart that I have just learned that our friend Chris Curtis passed away this morning.  I know we are all heartbroken to hear this news.  For some of the newer members here, you may not now that Chris was the guy that designed and built the custom 3 gauge pods that Chris was generous enough to share with several members before not being able to produce them.  

Chris was always a friend to all here and other members of the Ecoboost community.  I know we will always remember Chris warmly and he will not be forgotten.  God bless Chris and his family, please say a prayer to help them through this painful time. 

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yes it is, although he didn't linger long, looking at glass 1/2 full that's a blessing. corresponded with his daughter & she said he's probably now up in the pearly gates car shopping since he couldn't take his beloved sho with him & knowing chris the little i did but enough, we know it's a ford. maybe he's bidding his time waiting for the 1st GT to total so it can be his, or maybe as boss 429 that needs a new owner. whatever we know he won't be with a car for long.

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