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Thanks to Rich Y. (SHOnUup4).....


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Just wanted to provide proper thanks where it is due.


Following this year's 2017 Ford National's, Rich reached out to me, to inquire of my physical address, and that he was gifting the following collectible to me:






So needless to say, I was elated to have opened this package up when it arrived and couldn't be happier.


These things seem to be so hard to find. Especially in an P.I. format, and the fact it is white/black is cool, cuz it plays off well with my personally owned SHO of similar paint scheme/theme, not to mention it coincides directly with my profession.


So BIG THANKS to Rich once again. For his kindness, his generosity, and for just being an all around great person and great fellow SHO owner. Another reason why I enjoy each/all.of the friendships I have made as a result of being a SHO owner.


I will proudly display this collectible, with a previous one that was gifted to me a few years back, by Tom O. (SHOCH).......




So cool to see the attention these little collectibles get, especially when I display them at car shows atop my custom CF engine cover.


Thanks Rich!


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rich is for sure good people. nice to have models & detail are amazing. got one of my '71 340 duster, my fav car up to the last 3. was my fav for many reasons, but most especially bought it from the dealer where my dad worked. the owner really liked my dad, so he had my dad detail it & take it for it's first test drive. then when i picked it up during a day when my dad was working. got all paperwork done & was waiting to get the keys, had my salesman, owners son, play dumb like he couldn't find them but had my dad come up from the shop to give me the keys. i was young & thought just cool, but now a days with my old mopar mechanic gone, it's one of the best memories of my life. took my new dd this year for him to see on father's day, i know he liked it. miss that tradition we had of getting together when i got a new car for him to test drive it. i'm sure he was thinking well you dumb kid, you buy a bright yellow car & not expect to get a ticket. just like when i got the duster & immediately put glass pack mufflers on it.

back to rich. well i bought the new sho tshirt that was available on rich's site & the package said xl but was a small/cp. I mean real small, & i really have no one to give it to so sent up to rich for his boys. wish i'd have had 2 but only one, so hope it doesn't cause any hard feelings

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