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Continental at the track


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These times will not impress you tuned SHO guys but I suspect I might have the quickest 2017 Lincoln Continental!   Tuning is still underway by AJPturbo.    DA last night was over 2500 and IAT2 temps ranged from 150 to 185.   Better cooler air would have helped!   I am car 505.


Did take down a Jeep SRT8 with a 13.1 to his 13.3.  




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Almost in the 12s!

I think it would have run high 12s in cooler drier air. I don't think it is quite as strong as my Livernois tuned MKS, but it is close.


I think the tuner has done a great job considering this is the first Continental anyone has tried to tune and that it is so much different than the 3.5 ecoboost. There is still a lot left on the table, too.

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Nice job Bruce. Yeah I think there is alot of potential in the 3.0 EB motor.


I think there is but I am pretty happy with where it is now.  I did get one tune revision after going to the track - primarily to adjust shift points.  If it doesn't rain, I will go back to the track this week.  


My tune is really pretty mild.  Basically, I am running about 2 degrees more timing and 2 PSI more boost.  He worked quite a bit on the A/F ratio but I am not sure exactly what he did with it.  I am still trying to understand the logs.  Torque management was slightly reduced but not totally eliminated.    Part throttle shifts are buttery smooth but heavy throttle shifts are quick and firm.  The car feels much like the Livernois 4+X I had in the MKS - totally smooth and refined when driven gently but a whole different animal under heavy throttle. 


Just for the record, Livernois does not have a tune for the Continental but I totally understand why.  Anthony told me that I was the only one who had requested a tune for the Continental 3.0.  They needed a car in their shop for about a week to develop a tune and do the appropriate testing.  It makes no sense for them to spend that kind of time and money for such a limited return on their investment.    

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I got into the 12s last night in 3000 DA air - 12.9 @ 107.3 to be exact.   I am not going to run again until the weather improves.  I was unable to launch at over 1500 RPM last night without getting bad wheel hop.  Not sure if it was poor track prep or just the softness of the Continental's suspension.  I didn't have that issue the last time.


I don't understand why I can't attach thumbnails of the timeslips.  I did in my original post but now it is saying the file is too big!   It is no bigger than the file that I attached before....

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