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2017 Ford Map/Navi Update(s)....


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Ordered the Official Ford Map/Navi update(s) version 10.0x this morning for my 2010 SHO.


Lil pricey at $149 but orders placed before 08/31 qualify for free shipping.


It's been a few years since I sprung for an update, so I figured I was overdue.


Looks like this version 10.0x comes with four discs total, and the updates include:


Software Update

Maps & Navi Update

Gracenote Update


So, given all the updates provided, etc. I suppose the price is appropriate. I'll repost with my observations once it's delivered & installed.


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Mark, I think the update was worth the money.  However, I don't think it needs to be updated yearly.  Maybe once every 3-4 years.  But like you, I hadn't updated mine since I purchased the car before I did it last year. It also improved my Sync and made it much better to use with my phone. 

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I admit, I was whining.


1st disc, of 4, took 50min.

2nd disc, of 4, was NOT needed.

3rd disc, of 4, took almost 2hrs.

4th disc, of 4, took almost 1hr.


Holy F balls! Haven't taken it out yet to see what, or how the improvements are versus priors updates.


I'm not jealous of much, if anything. However a 30sec drop in of an SD Card would be light years ahead of my 2010 crap by disc. Ugh.


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I'm still running the original navigation that came with the car when new. The car was manufactured in 2009. So that's quite a few years. I only had one occasion it did not have a street that I wanted on it. I would drop the hundred fifty bucks, if I had not heard so many Rumblings and gripes about the download. I don't really feel like spending that much time.......

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