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SHO windshield banner

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I would try and reach out to fellow EBOF members ClassicCars (Ken).


He seems to have a knack for producing these things.


If not, maybe even try one of our newest EBOF members harleystoreandstuff :noidea:


I'm willing to bet either of them can help you out.


Mike :yo:

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I don't know exactly what these are called, but I would like to apply a clear banner across the top of the w/shield that has "SHO" only printed on it in the current SHO font. No other advertising or designs included.

Does anyone know where I could get one?






I didn't put a banner on with SHO, but I put on the ford logo. The banner was purchased at Advance Auto Parts and fits without affecting the sensors under the glass.





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Are you looking for just the three letters? "SHO" (Nothing before or after the "SHO"?)

I can check with the vinyl person that makes the hood stripes for me. I'm sure that they can enlarge the letters. The letters are the same font and style as the 2010-2013 emblems. What size are you thinking about? (Height and over all lenght?) Keeping in mind of the wiper area on the windshield.




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Thanks, Ken, Mike and Paul

The driver's side wiper goes to within 1/2 in from the top edge of the w/shield and the passenger side with an inch or two. Hopefully, the film will be sturdy and thin enough to handle contact from the blades.


I guess a 5 inches clear film portion the full width of the top of the w/shield with SHO only printed in 4 inches of silver to duplicate the current SHO font.

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Ken' date=' What IS the font name for the [b']"SHO"[/b]


Is it not a set or a common font. You will not find it listed in any software package. (Ford can up with the font style.) What I did when making the hood stripes, is I scanned Ford's original "SHO" emblem and worked right off of the original. (Same size and font style.) My vinyl person has that saved. I'm sure they can adjust the image size.


I'm not sure if my vinyl letters will work as a windshield banner. First of all, it wouldn't be a "banner" with a clear top protection. It will only be three vinyl letters. "S H O"

I think over time, the wipers would start leaving marks on the vinyl as they move across them. (Not the perfect situation for vinyl decals.)



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Ken is correct......


There is no known, specific font name for the SHO lettering design.


As far as vinyl goes, it's measurement's, and whether or not the windshield wipers dragging across them and/or damaging them, pulling them up, or leaving marks.


It ultimately will depend primarily on the grade of vinyl used (differences in adhesive quality), as well as proper surface preparation and vinyl application.


I've had my Livernois Motorsports vinyl banner on my windshield now for 2yrs I think now :noidea:


No damage, no marks, and the wipers do swipe across a portion of the decal itself.


Since I have a background in the sign and printing industry, prior to getting into the LEO gig, I am aware of what products to use to aid in preparation and application of vinyl.


I use the following products pictured below:



"Rapid Prep"..... which is basically a cleaner, degreaser, and wax remover.


This is essential (especially for those who've used a rain repelling glass sealer such as RainX) to remove any and all surface contaminants, etc.





"Rapid-Tac"..... This product is essentially an adhesion promoter.


It also acts as a wetting agent to aid in installation and prevention of those dreaded bubbles.





Squeegee..... One of the basic, tried and true tools of every vinyl applicator / installer.


Essentially just a semi rigid piece of plastic, that has smooth edges and is used to burnish the vinyl onto it's substrate.





Most, if not all, of these items can be found at your local sign supply store, or even online at: http://www.rapidtac.com


Additionally, prior to removing the semi-transluscent application tape that covers your vinyl decal, be sure prior to installation to rub it down really well using the squeegee.


Then when you remove the backing and get ready to actually affix the decal to your surface, spray a lil of the RapidTac solution onto the backside (or exposed adhesive) prior to mounting it to where ever it's gonna go.


This way you create a "wet" surface that will allow for any bubbles to be removed when you squeegee the vinyl onto your surface.


Prior to removing the application tape (after the decal is applied to your surface) take a common household hair dryer, or even a heat gun (on it's lowest setting) and warm the decal (and it's surface) up while continuing to lightly squeegee over the entire decal.


Be sure to pay closer attention to decal edges. Especially those edges where they terminate in "points" or odd angles. You'll want to really rub those areas down with the squeegee.


Allow the decal to "set" for an approximate 10min or so, before going to yank off the semi-transluscent application tape that covers your actual decal.


Once your done, it should look spotless and last for years.


If, in the rare event you F'd up, and see a one or two bubbles, simply use a very small needle (like for sewing or what have you) and pop the bubble by poking a hole into it with the needle and rub, or press out the air underneath.


Hopefully this will be of some help to some of you looking to apply vinyl to your rides, whether it's on the windshield as outlined by the OP in this thread, or in any other locations.


Mike :yo:

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Ok, I do think that a clear banner would stand up better. I had a "dry transfer" vinyl applique on the back of a previous van that stood up very well to the rear wiper swiping it for about 5 years. That applique even had a bit of texture on it and didn't affect the wiper blade or appique.


The passenger wiper on the SHO does swipe completely where the letters would be. I might be willing to try the letters, but will check with an area sign maker to see if he can produce what I want in a banner.

Thanks, Ken for your prompt response.

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Not sure if I am understanding your "vision" there Mike as it relates to a "clear" banner.


If you're looking at having the 'SHO' letters made in one color, and then adding an additional layer of vinyl to cover over those letters (i.e. the "clear" part)...


Well then I'd be inclined to say that your adding unneccessary mil's of thickness to your windshield, and this will definitely degrade wiper performance, or even may cause chattering or unintended bounce (where the wiper transitions from the glass surface) then across the multi layers of vinyl, and then back onto the glass once again.


Am I understanding your concept correctly?


If so, as well intentioned as that may be, I wouldn't recommend it. The more layers you put on, the worse it'll be.


It's always a precarious dance to balance between appearance, durability, and factors such as wipers performing correctly.


All I can recommend is for those of you who aren't comfortable doing your own vinyl installations, then pay someone else to do it.


For those who have some working knowledge, and/or limited prior experience in applying decals, then following the steps I outlined here, coupled with the use of the products I've recommended, your results should be flawless.


Good luck to all :wave:

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Well to sum it up I've all always thought w/shield banners were designs/letters printed atop a w/shield wide clear panel. I now understand that that is not necessarily the case. Today I connected with a sign maker I am acquainted with. He took a digital photo of the 2013 SHO side vent spear and will make a 4" high SHO for me. I'll post the result if it is acceptable.

Thanks to all who posted info.

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