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Official SHO Build Certificate From FORD...

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Attention all of you 2010+ SHO Owners Exclusively....


Here is some useful information on where to obtain an Official Build Certificate from the Ford Performance Group.


By following the link below, you may obtain this unique, one of a kind item that will help set off your SHO from the others.....




Along with your certificate comes a CD packed with all sorts of other goodies you can purchase, as well as a very detailed breakdown of various SHO's, colors, production #'s, options, etc etc......


Here's an image of mine:




Hope this is of some relevance to those fellow SHO owners out there



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Just a quick question...how long did it take for you guys to get yours? Seems like its been weeks since I ordered mine and I've only received one email regarding it.


Not sure as mine was a birthday gift from Mommy.


I think it was like 6 weeks or sumthin like that cuz from when I told her about it, to the time I recv'd it at my house (in the mail) it was like that long.


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