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A few runs at the drag


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I still don't have a gopro... The weather conditions are still not ideal. But I went three times since Detroit taking advantage that my wife and kids were still in Mexico, coming back tomorrow... During those three times, I measured against a few interesting cars : (all runs done when temperatures were between 82 and 94 degrees)


2011 E63AMG : me, 12.56 at 112.6mph, him 12.65 at 114.99mph

2000 Corvette, auto stock : me 12.58 at 112.4mph, him 13.56 at 104.2mph


2006 E55AMG 100NOS shot plus tune : that was 1/8 mile : me 8.0 at 89mph, him 7.9 at 93mph (they were two in the car)


2012 BOSS, std, stock with street tires : me 12.51 at 112.99mph, him with 60ft of 2.34 : 13.20 at 111.29mph... quite disappointing...probably needs a driver mod on this one! lol


Recent Audi RS4, std. stock : me 12.61 at 111.40mph, him 12.97 at 108.3mph


Modded 2008 911 Turbo : on 1/8 mile : me 8.1 at 89mph, him 6.9 at 103.4mph!!! (he then told me he runs high 10's at almost 130mph!)... There is always a faster car than ours out there!


2008 M3, std stock : me 12.63 at 110.6mph, him 13.3 at 113.0mph (gotta love the AWD!)


2007 M5 stock : me 12.54 at 113.3mph, him 12.91 at 114.0mph (his 60ft was 2.14)


There you go, for those who don't go to the drags, it gives a good idea of what our car can do... with a little help from Livernois of course... When I was bone stock except for HR springs, my best was 13.56 at around 103mph...

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