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Vibrating/shaking hood issue resolved!

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I decided to create that new thread because we had talked about that issue in the top speed thread. So, basically, after my meth installed, the big plastic pan under the car in the front and the plastic «band» that is clipped behind the front rubber chin spoiler were not well clipped. So, when I had my oil changed two days ago, I asked the guy to fix all of thwm back the way they were supposed to go (with those fake screws plastic pins which I forget the name in English...). Yesterday, I went to the drag strip and could test the results and magically, no more vibrating hood at all until 125mph at least. So, the car is design in a way that these under pans and bands eliminate most of the air that could come from under at higher velocity and create air pushing in the engine compartment, therefore creating that vibration and shake of the hood, especially closer to the windshield. I also had unscrewed the 2 rubber «button» in front of the hood to make sure the hood was closing firmer. So I am gald that I no longer have that issue, so for me it is case closed.


Mike (BPD1151), I am now under the impression that your hood vents create that air turmoil in the engine compartment. So, you have the benefits of cooling it, but maybe you lose a bit in efficency of aerodynamics... just my .02. If I were you, for security purposes, especially that you seem to have liked going to the drags, I would strongly consider locking your hood with steel wires (again, I don't know the specific word in English for those).


Et Voilà!

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Yea Steve.....


I replaced that large under belly pan shortly after that experience and tried my best to recreate it, but to no avail.


I would agree that those pans do contribute to the aerodynamics of the air flowing underneath the car (and subsequently NOT into the engine compartment).


Because I have performed the engine hood vent/heat extractor mod, I may still look into the hood pins as a means to simply provide me with some sense of assurance that the hood won't go flying off when pushing my SHO into the extreme parts of the speedometer :whistle:


Perhaps our resident NASA engineer will chime in on this :noidea:


But, thus far, no additional occurrences on my end either.

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I think you have hit on something Steve, I did make a run to about 105 with my car and got no hood shake. My car does have both the stock air dam and the large engine pan in place. I was considering opening up a few holes in the pan, like Ecobrick Bob showed his pan that has a couple of openings, but am now reconsidering whether I should do it or leave alone.

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I've already been told, due to the increased diameter, and the way those catless pipes are made, that I will not be able to use that large under belly pan piece following install.


I'll probably just end up selling it in the Classifieds, and researching hood pins further.


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