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Eco Taurus Police car on top gear


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Just started watching the new top gear. They are comparing police packages Charger' date=' Caprice, Taurus. First challenge was 0-100-0 and the Taurus was head and shoulders better. Hopefully the rest of the challenges yield similar results :)[/quote']


paul you beat me to starting this thread , SHO-COPPER ROCKs. I am going to youtube to see if it's there now.

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It also has rear doors that open wider (10 inches wider I think) than civilian (to make transport of perps easier) and thicker protection in the doors as well - according to the show last night.


It was bad as*. I thought the PPV and Charger were going to really shine on handling, but the Taurus really did as well - given, Tanner was driving that one....

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I tivo Top Gear and watch later without commercials. When I saw what they were doing I watched the first 45 minutes of this one. I will probably watch again with the boy.


It will be interesting to see what happens a few years down the road with these. If they hold up well they maybe easy to pick up cheap in 10 years.

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Our agency has finally begun taking delivery of the new 2013 Taurus PI's......


This one just got released into the fleet yesterday.


Although this one, and the 1st few are being assigned for Supervisor use exclusively.....


Still, pretty cool nonetheless.







I'm kinda dig'n on those all black painted door handles......


Things that make you go hhmmmmm

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I would like to see us using Classic Cars (Ken) hood stripes, as it relates to our paint scheme, in white, with the verbage 'POLICE' in lieu of 'SHO'.


I wouldn't mind flip'n for a set or two out of my own pocket, just to perhaps show our own Adminstration the potential to make our squads look even better than they do now.



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Will be interesting to see if the Taurus Interceptor starts showing up for sale used at a reasonable price in a few years.


I doubt we will ever see the number crown vics for sale used but I bet they will start to show up.


I'll tell 'ya what, you will certainly see these new Taurus P.I.'s show'n up in the used car market at some point.....


But as far as your comment on the Crown Vic's go..... I personally would steer FAR clear of purchasing any of them used.




Well, most agencies, including mine, (due entirely to the faltering economy of several ongoing years now) have been hanging onto their fleet of CV's much longer than ever anticipated.


As a result, mileage is even higher than is typical for most used CV's of previous years, they're more likely as a result of extended service/field use, to have been involved in accidents (think multiple, rather than one, or maybe two over their life span), maintenance has been poorer, rather than better because most agencies are skimping on repairing certain things, or half-ass'n it, or taking a band-aid approach to developed mechanical issues.


Not trying to be scary mind you, just factual. It's a trend I've seen in several department's when it comes to their fleet of aging CV's.

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