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Hi from Montreal!


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Hey guys!


I've picked up a 2010 SHO with 21,000KM 3 months ago. It's a non-pp car in grandpa blue. I wasn't too sure about the color but it has grown on me. I wished I could've found a black one but now I really dig the "anonymous" color. So far I have a tune from Torrie for 93 octane, more boost and firmer shift, a set of Carbotech AX6 (installed the front yesterday, doing the back today) and a meth kit in the mail :hat:


I also own a black 1991 Skyline GTR with 130,000km which has been stored for the past 2 years due to a blown turbo (which the replacements have been sitting on my desk for 1 1/2 year) and now the lack of parking space at my apartment :( It has a straight through 3" exhaust (that thing spits 18" flames above 7000rpm :loco:, HKS intake, full coil-overs, no more boost restrictor, quite a few aluminum suspension parts, adjustable cam gears, 12" momo steering wheel, OS giken twin-plate clutch, Volks racing forged wheels, 275/45R17 RT-615 rubbers all around, front and rear tie bars and I suspect a fully rebuilt engine (compression ratio is like new and the oil pump can drain the oil pan in a matter of seconds at higher RPM).


I used to own a 1993 delSol Si, a 1986 Trans-Am and a 2000 Intrepid R/T.









Since then I've readjusted some of the body parts since a few gaps were excessive and part of the side skirts were missing.

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Drag racing isn't my thing... every time I go there something happens so I'll keep the SHO off the track hehehe

I understand... Tats said, I have been to the track with the SHO at least a dozen times if not more and ran more than 250 runs in the last year or so and it runs like a charm! People are very impressed with this car, me the first. It's a good EGO boost lol!

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You can have almost as much fun as the GTR!!! The GTR CLUB here in ATLANTA were so impressed w/SHO gave me anary membership they have a R8 Audit to.






Welcome I've been running at the track for almost 2yrs in HOT ATLANTA (80-97deg) and still daily drive it. Take it to the track it will like it.

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