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What a weekend!!


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So decided to head down to Milan this weekend for the NMCA event. Nothing like lining up with a bunch of 8 second cars! Yes, it was the Cobra Jet shootout and I ran with some of them Friday during test and tune! OMG! Boy did I stick out like a sore thumb!! LOL!


I ran the ET Brackets. I couldn't get the hang of Milan's tree, so I ended up going on in the first round today, which sucked... Also it was HOT!! 90 degree days! So that sucked too! HOWEVER there were some highlights!!


First off, the track was SUPER PREPPED!!! I had NO SIGNS of spin, what so ever!!! I had a best 60' of a 1.9321! Also had a 1.9411! So was happy with that! The event photographer captured one of my launches:




Yesterday, the announcer kept calling the Brick an EDGE!!! I helped him out today!




My best slip of the weekend... DA was about 2750... I think I caught a pretty good tail wind! ;)



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When did you add the red stripe on your wheel rims?


Weekend before last.... at the MRT Open House. Had them install a set of Wheel Bands... Gives the Flex the red line tire look... at least for a distance! ;) Really like the way it turned out...


Scott putting the "track" on the rim:









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Thanks, guys! I really do like the way the Wheel Bands turned out...


@Bob, the "track" is attached with 3M tape. And then the colored insert fits inside the track.




Definitely looks good. Almost good enough to paint my wheels black and do the same with my top.... ALMOST..... (Maybe my next Brick!) Actually the white top and stone interior keep it cooler when we are forced to park it outside all summer. Burgundy G8 with black interior is HOT!


I would have purchased your wheels in 18", except my ASA's are a mesh look too... needed variety.

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