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WATER/METHANOL INJECTION SYSTEMS - Technical Articles & Suppliers

EcoBrick Bob

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Here are Water/Methanol Technical Articles as well as a list of Suppliers/Sellers that I am familiar with. Most W/M questions can be answered in these articles. Some of the suppliers also have informational and trouble-shooting articles on their sites.


If any of you have additional Articles or information, please post.


Enjoy the read!



















(Administrator - please feel free to move this to wherever it is appropriate. EBB)

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I also purchased the Alky Controls / LMS full meth injection kit & the 3bar MapV sensor. It's the exact same set up as Darrell's SHO.


I was hoping to have it installed by now, but it's still sitting on my installer's shelf collecting dust (much to my dismay).


I purposely was holding off as I was awaiting the completion of my catless downpipes from a separate vendor (who has yet to complete them).


At this point though, because it's Winter, there's really no need to make my SHO go like uber fast on the snow/ice covered roads here in Chi-Town.


So alas, I patiently wait..... and wait..... and wait :whistle:


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