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Sold my FLEX HOT NEW RIDE!!!!!

EcoBrick Bob

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Well... it was time... I decided I needed a new ride... bigger... new color and almost as fast! Can't wait to take her to the strip...


Thinking it fits my profile as the senior EBOF member... SO... GUYS.... WHAT DO YOU THINK????


Excuse the pix... WIFE took them...




There is almost room for an extra EB engine... ALMOST!




HEY!!! I'm not driving... but taking a TEST RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I know it needs WHEELS... and lots of BPD mods... but GIVE ME TIME... I think I have time.... not sure??????


I'll bet I can get it into the 13's!!! With SCRMINGS HELP!!!!

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Hey Mike!


Sometimes opportunity just slaps you in the face! Was in Mason City on business and on the way back to CLEAR Lake, we catch up to this new 2013 MKT Hearse.. Even had a paper plate... And like I couldn't resist!!! Only things like this happen to me!!!! Didn't even have to stab em' to SLAB EM'!!!!


And the inside was almost as big as a Funeral HOME!!! Almost..... LOL LOL.... OOPS... I just spit up... DAMN... Old age is tough....

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