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New 2013 Taurus pp it's the burgandy color


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Anyways car has 1600 miles know, been watching the site, so I finally joined. I've got plenty of fast cars but there 2 door terminators a 03 and 04 mistachrome, and a 95 tbird pushing 660rwhp, but this sho is sweet it's the fancy car I've every owned and the 7 month old can ride along. I must say I'm very impressed with the ecoboost, come fall I hope to run some 13.7 maybe quicker, we usaully get some killer -da's here!


May do a tune after that just kinda waiting on sct to have access to the 13s then looking at livernos for a tune I can't spell. Just traded a 11 fusion sport for the sho I raced it and managed a 14.8 @ 95.8mph the car couldant be launched for crap being I had the fwd model!


Nice to meet u all


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Welcome aboard :welcome:


Thank you for registering and enjoy our EBOF community.


We have a host of helpful, knowledgeable members, as well as a handful of outstanding Forums Supporting Vendors.


Be sure to take advantage of both their knowledge, and product(s) available for the EcoBoost platform of vehicles from FMC.


Please consider becoming a Premium Member as the $10 donation helps offset the cost related to maintaining a SPAM free community.


We look forward to your contributions, and thanks once again for coming out of the wood work and becoming a member.


Mike :yo:

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You think that's bad....my 09 Impala SS was the worst ever. Horrible torque steer. I could be traveling on dry pavement, new tires, at 20 MPH, mash the pedal and spin them like crazy. Sucked in the winter even with my dedicated smaller rims and snow tires. That kind of power in a FWD Impala or Fusion is not a good thing I discovered.

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Same here on the awd ad my fusion had the 3.5 263hp and 250 tq the tires would just smoke like crazy on a hard acceleration run


It seems there are a few of us that dumped our Fusions for the SHO.....We still have ours but I haven't touched it since I bought the SHO. We had a 2011 FWD Sport also. FWD=too much power. AWD=not enough.

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