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Meth Heads - Snow vs. Alky


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The Snow Kit is likely fine. Rick told me that some years ago they had issues with Snow kits so they went to Alky Control. Probably the reason they prefer Alky is that the pump is installed upside down and is lower than the spray nozzle, but more importantly is required to be installed with the pump below the holding tank. This means that you won't have an issue due to the pump not being primed. So the only risk is a pump failure itself, which is very unlikely, given the infrequent use in normal driving (exception...bpd... lol). The Alky system uses a progressive controller, which you may or may not have with your Snow kit.

I have a Snow pump, that I added to the system Torrie supplied, as it had a higher pressure. My system does not have a progressive controller. It is either on or off... turning on when boost reaches 7-8 psi (adjustable). There are many theories on water/methanol spraying, Some only recommend a mixture of less than 50% Methanol due to the fire hazard of higher concenrations. Others say on/off systems are easier to tune... ie. the simpler the better. In my instance, where Torrie has tuned my Flex via logging and e-mailing new tunes, that is probably best for me. However, if Torrie or Dan were to be tuning my vehicle while on a dyno... then a more sophisticated system may provide more power. On-off systems like mine tend to run rich at lower rpm, like below 4000-4500. My last series of W/M tunes were with a 75% Methanol concentration, and a #10 nozzle. Also, your engine needs to be tuned for the W/M spray or the spray will actually hurt performance because it will make your engine run rich. This won't hurt anything. Only frustrating to run slower...


I also mounted my pump right side up, with piping entering and leaving the top. As I see it, if you prime your pump manually when going to strip, or planning WOT runs, you will never have an issue. Even if you don't, you are unlikely to have one, unless the system hasn't been used for a while. Since my pump was new, the seals were fine. A used pump, that has been sitting around, or has been used for several years without replacement or rebuilding, could have an issue...


If you're still in FL, I would imagine Torrie could easily tune, with a few logging episodes. If you look at my install pix, you can easily mount your system like mine, which allows for easy removal and re-install.


Again... this is all just my opinion.

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Besides the Livernois recommendation, I also check with one of my other favorite, well respected shops... Before pulling the trigger I called Lidio at Alternative Auto... Alky Control is what they recommend also! So if the two of the best shops recommend Alky Control, and as other have said the LMS tune and Alky Control were already proven!! So I was very comfortable going the Alky Control route!

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