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Got my copy of...


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Got my copy of STAGE 5!!! WOOHOO!!!





Did a little test drive! Video is FULL HD so you can watch it Full Screen! LOL!





And I even loaded a custom splash screen!





I hate making comments on things with out having some real data to back them up, like my own dyno sheet or time slips... But I will say the tune felt nice and smooth!! I took off easy from a stop light and then got on the gas.. was doing about 35 MPH when all of sudden the tires start squealing like they were breaking loose! At 35 to 40 MPH!!! That hasn't happened before! Hopefully I can get to the track this weekend to get some real data!!!

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I think I will try to go this Saturday... Hopefully will bring back some new best ET... Perhaps some 11.9x's lol!

We shall see... Maybe a bit optimistic, but certainly will be faster than Darrell's car hahaha!

I'll try to get the new fastest SHO with the GoPros...

Stay tuned!

Darrell: I was under the feeling that stage 5 would have cut more than 2 tenths... Feels more than that to me.

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11.9x's we shall see...


Maybe a bit optimistic, but certainly will be faster than Darrell's car hahaha!


Darrell: I was under the feeling that stage 5 would have cut more than 2 tenths...


Oh boy, here we go again :tsk: :tsk:


Darrell's car will be slower only cuz he's running those heavy wheels....





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... Seriously, here is why I believe 11

1) Chris' car made 12.27 last week. Darrell's made 12.20.

2) Weather in Montreal is supposed to be cooler at around 65F

3) Tailwind is expected to be around 10mph

4) Compared to them, the track where I'll go is well prepared and reputed to be kind of fast.

5) My tires are only two months old and still hold pretty well.

6) I believe that my custom exhaust adds a bit of power compared to a Corsa catback

7) I have fast stickers lol!

So, last weekend, when our two friends went dragging, they were confident that the new stage 5 had the 11's potential in it, it was just those few factors missing to make it happen... I think I will gatter those missing factors and bring an 11.9x, what do you guys think? ; )

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Thanks guys! I wish I could go back for October LMS event, but the 20 hours ride, the 1300 miles on the car, the 300$ in gas, the minimum 4 days away from work and family... makes it very hard for me to go back... But I certainly had a good time in June and will participate in thoughts and through this forum with you guys that will be there.

And for the best ET... I will enjoy the time that it lasts, if I can make it happen... But will be more than happy when people will start to dig deeper in the 11's!

Cheers! (like I always say lol)

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I smell the 12.6x's John! Good luck with the weather!


That would be cool!! However, not sure I'm ready to be that optimistic! While I'm sure Stage 5 will be an improvement there are a couple of things:


1) For me it will be a "canned" tune, meaning it hasn't been customized for my Flex... Was raining here last night so I couldn't get a good WOT run from a dead stop to data log. Best I could do is some rolling WOTs.


2) One thing about the MyCal is there is no User Adjustments to the tune. On the SCT I would make a few little tweaks at the track, which would seem to improve my ET's.


From the little bit of testing I've done, yes, I do believe I should see an improvement with Stage 5... I just really hate making predictions! LOL!


Also... looking at the weather, it does look like I should pick up almost a tenth over my last outing, based on the forecast for Saturday's temps... HOWEVER, if we end up with a headwind it could easily wipe that out! LOL!


Sooooooo... after all that... I'm simply shooting for a 12.8x at 108 MPH... anything better than that will just be icing on the cake! ;)

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