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New wheels

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Fantastic selection for sure Chris!


These oughta look freak'n sick on your car.......


The added bonus of HUGE weight reduction VS. the OEM wheels oughta do you well also.....


Excited for some post install pics, so please, do keep the community informed / updated.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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New wheel installed today, plus another beautification mod.








Oh yeah and this little beauty!




So this guy decided to park hit trail hitch in my front bumper. Where at a traffic light and he was in the walk path and decided to back up so a could jogger go by. All I had time to do was lay on the horn, the guy was very sorry needless to say I am not happy damage is minor and easily fix it my mobsteel lower grill I am worried most about. I don't know if they are even making them anymore, but I plan to do all the work myself as I am a painter and I am pro at removing the front facia. Hopefully mobsteel still does these if not I still have my stock lower to use maybe I can repair the lower who knows. Life is grand.

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Oh WOW! WTH!?!?


Wheels are given A++++


But holy sh!t ouch! That damage has got to hurt a lil bit...


Last time I talked to Adam over at Mobsteel, he was still producing the grilles, but just in the process of looking for a new fiberglass vendor as the last one they used went belly up.


You should be fine cuz I think they had a few left in stock.


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