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I have been throwing around an idea to get some data plates made for our vehicles. Would this be something that you all would like to venture in on with me?!?! I believe I have a guy lines up that could do it... He is making a Prototype as we speak!!! I would like to know what the interest would be before I make a commitment, the more we can order, the cheaper the price!!! Let me know.. Was thinking we could use the below format to start an info. sheet or something.. please make subtractions or additions... and use the new SHO emblem for the image in left of the data plate... and maybe the ford racing emblem below it?!? Just a thought!!!


First Name:

Last Name:

Car Year:

Car Color:

VIN Number:

Build Number: (XXXX of XXXX)

Build Date: (mm/dd/yyyy)

My Car is 1 of XXXX

Owners Name for plate

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Yes, alot like that, except gonna have a bit more information on them.. the SHO graphic, possible the Ford Racing Graphic.. Also, looking at getting an " under the hood " one with Tuner Info, Modifications, Power, Best 1/4 Mile Time, and Owner.... I am patiently waiting to see the betas of these!!!!!




You mean something like this:


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I might be in if I could Sharpie MKS in over SHO......

Since they are custom made, I'm sure he could do the MKS with Lincoln, but it may be a bit more expensive and take a bit longer to product. I will post the e-mail of the guy who did mine if I still have it, but it will not be until late tomorrow or Sunday, as I am crazy busy teaching the scuba instructor course this weekend.

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Just a little update...I got my plate from Gary Loat. You can e-mail him at: bullitt@telus.net. Gary was very fast at getting the plates completed and I was completely pleased with his work. I am sure if you contact him' date=' he can give you pricing and any info you need.[/quote']


Yea, I tried contacting that guy like 5 times and never got any responses!!! So I gave up and moved on to another dude!!!!

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