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SHO C-Pillar badge

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I'd have to take a closer look at it, but I believe you're gonna have to replace that entire triangular piece in order to remove just the SHO lettering itself.


I don't think the SHO lettering is separate, but it may be.


Even if it is, because it's plastic, you may not like the appearance underneath if you are able to remove the letters separately (as it may be scratched etc.)


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I just want to remove the SHO badges from my car.


I like the idea . You need to change your screen name to "Sleeper". :) There is nothing for me to remove from my car except a 1 1/2 inch innocuous black Ecoboost badge on the rear deck lid. I Haven't bothered to remove it because you can barely see it and even most proclaimed "car guys" don't have a clue what that really indicates. I have not met anybody (except folks on these forums of course) who knew, before I told them, that the MKS Eco has the same powertrain as the SHO. Everybody LOVES the SHO and the MKS is just completely off the radar. If I had an SHO, I might consider your debadging approach.

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The ECOBoost badge is my next prjoect. The ECOBoost is so ugly. Green leaf...I am no tree hugger.


I guess, "To each their own"....I really like the Ecoboost badge and the color it adds, so much so that I added the Livernois badge because it compliments the Ecoboost so nicely!



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The C pillar SHO is separate from the black cover.


I know this because I can see leftover adhesive around the edges where my painter glued it back on after painting it.



Yep, I meant to post up this morning, after getting home form work, but damn I was tired as all hell.


I did take a closer look at it, and it appears those SHO letters are in fact separate from the cover itself.


A heat gun, on a relatively low setting, along with some fishing line, or perhaps a plastic putty knife oughta do the trick in "lifting" them off from the black base of the cover itself.


Heat's important cuz it'll help in softening up that adhesive so your less likely to mar, or damage/scratch that plastic under surface.


Good luck :thumb:

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When I debaged the SHO I let it sit in the sun all day and just used fishing line to "floss" the badges off right before it got dark. I have a healthy fear of heat guns and effects on paint.


Me too, that's why I chose to use Fire Line and work with Bug and Tar Remover to get the residue off...I know that I tend to get carried away when using any kind of power tools, so I left the heat gun in the tool cabinet! Although I didn't remove the letters, just rearranged them. Again, thanks to bpd!

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