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Official Chicago Assembly Plant Photo Shoot.... Nov. 3rd, 2012


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Well, I don't really know if it's truly "official" per se......


However, I suppose persistence pays off.


I have quite literally been trying for nearly 11 months now, to get permission to access the various grounds of the FMC Chicago Assembly Plant (where the Taurus model line is produced) for purposes of a photo shoot with my modified 2010 SHO.


I thought it would be cool to have in the background of the pictures, various buildings that have the Ford Logo and the Assembly Plant signage in relation to my SHO.


A fitting tribute not only to the Taurus / SHO model line, but also an opportunity to display to FMC employees and executives alike, the potential for these vehicles (with the modifications at least I have performed thus far that is).


Well, low and behold, after several (and I do mean several) phone calls, emails, and snail mail, to both current, and retired employees of this facility, I am incredibly thankful for having recently received official authorization to make this photo shoot become a reality!


I'm not sure if it would be proper for me to disclose the person(s) / executive(s) involved in this process, but they already know 1st hand how grateful I am for this rare opportunity.


The planets must all be in alignment too let me assure each of you, because we have tentatively scheduled for this to occur on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012.


Not only am I off work that entire weekend (some of you know my goofy work schedule), but my photographer has also blocked out that entire day just for me, so we can get this accomplished. Now one could only hope that Mother Nature is cooperative :tape:


Anyhow, I will obviously post the post production images that are captured, here within this thread.


So please stay tuned accordingly. :whoo:

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You know what, i'll make mention of that and see how it's received.


Great idea my friend. Especially for us MidWest owners, that may be somewhat equivalent, or perhaps even better than, that lil mini meet at that museum in your State a few weeks back.


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As long as the Taurus is considered "staid transportation", it's kinda hard for me to visualize an annual meet w/o the blessing of an "inside man". Plus, the Mustang does not have an equivalent in the Lincoln stable. Maybe they don't want to pit the Taurus vs its' upscale twin?

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Especially for us MidWest owners, that may be somewhat equivalent, or perhaps even better than, that lil mini meet at that museum in your State a few weeks back.


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If there are more than 2 cars, me and Paul, you will have it beat. :) I cannot wait to see the photos. Here is a question I admit I have done zero searching on....I know my MKS was made in Chicago, is it the same plant and same line as the Taurus? Or a different plant?

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That's awesome! Can't wait to see pictures from the shoot! Hopefully it will be an eye opener to Ford that there are a lot of car enthusiasts that if the option was there, would pay for the above average build of a car. It's why I've always loved how some of the higher end performance cars and exotics come. You can select just about everything from the trim of your steering wheel to the coloring of the interior and what parts what shade. It'd be nice to be able to go buy a SHO and have it come in different trims with more choices than just what the PP offers.

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Awesome, post any and all pics! I worked at a Mitsubishi plant that used to be "Diamond Star Motors" a joint venture between Mitsu and Chrysler. The venture died but it produced cools stuff like the Eagle Talon, Turbo Eclipse, and Plymouth Laser. Many owners used to come and I am sure still do to get pics.

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Just waking up now and it appears Mother Nature may just be kind enough to me today to allow this photo shoot to occur.


Originally, the weather forecasters were calling for rain this morning (the only day out of the entire week i'll add to).


I had to force myself to sleep (considering I work a permanent night shift) last night, and man i'll tell 'ya, I am totally upside down right now and feel like I'm sleep walking at this moment.


But once the images are captured, and get sent to me, EBOF members can be assured they'll be getting posted here 1st.


I am also contemplating submitting one to the quarterly "MyFord" publication and see if I can't get one approved for print.


We'll see. Here's to a rare opportunity, and hopefully a good day :tea:

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Great idea, it would be really cool to see on in "My Ford"....if that happens it will be an issue that I will add to my collection of saved publications. Good luck with the shoot, hopefully as time goes you will begin to feel "human"...I know what working night shift can do to your internal clock, especially since the rest of the world seems to think that only dayshift exists and are surprised to learn that some people sleep during the day! lol

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WOW guys...... I felt like a celebrity today.


My photographer, his business partner, and myself were literally given the royal red carpet treatment.


An almost 5 hour tour, from top to bottom, front to back..... of the entire operation. We even got an exclusive tour of their police upfitting facility, subsidary of FMC called TDM.


I am just beside myself in awe at the treatment and opportunities we were provided. Almost unfettered access.


I was told that permission for me to access the plant came directly from FMC Corporate in Dearborn, MI. so when we arrived, it explained a lot of the stunned faces from all of the employees as we were walked through, step by step by step, of each part of the vehicle making process and each were like "oh hey, you're the one that owns that bad ass SHO right?". I nodded and said "yes, it's getting there".


So my hats off to all of UAW Local 551, their staff, the executives, and to each and all that made this turn out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and a memory that made such an impression on me, that I find myself just in awe, and amazement at what we were allowed to do today.


That being said, my photographer is currently working on w/e post editing that may be necessary.


Even though he knows I am just as anxious to look at the pics, as I would assume most of you are to, I assured him to take his time and do w/e is necessary to make the photos turn out as rare as the opportunity that was granted to us today.


We were able to obtain both pictures, and video. So expect to see both here shortly.


Hopefully, some by the end of today.

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Not a whole helluva lot of pics of my car, but eh, y'all know wth it looks like by now anyways.


I was running out of time as my middle child had a IMEA Concert in which she was performing in, and we were planning on doing more pics after the plant tour, and lunch, but alas I ran out of time.


I'd like to extend my sincere gratitude to my photography pals Jeff and his partner Supreet, both of HK Media, for taking the time out of their schedule that they did, in order to capture not only the video (previously posted) but also for all of the following pics.......


Anyone desiring to utilize the services of some outstanding individuals with a keen eye for photography, feel free to shoot me a PM. I will provide their necessary contact info accordingly. They are based out the West Suburbs of Chicago.


Onto the pics...... :faint:







































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Very nice! You didn't happen to see my ruby red explorer sport there as it was built today. 4 turbos in the house will be awesome..


You should of warned me ahead of time, and given me the VIN.....


I could've had pictures taken of it on the line, and in various stages of it being built!



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