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new ford-150 fx4 ecoboost 2012 ! luxery pack nav! from CANADA QUEBEC :D


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Bienvenu sur ebof.com! Content de voir quelqu'un du Québec se rajouter sur le site. J'adore le F150 et avec le moteur Ecoboost, si tu es ouvert, un p'tit tuning de Livernois et se sera le jour et la nuit... Enjoy the site and looking forward to hearing back from you! Nice ride!




P.S. Which dealer did you buy it from? it looks like Montmorency Ford... If you are open for tuning, I can suggest you dealers that are opened as well for maintenance. Cheers! ; )

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Welcome aboard :welcome:


Thank for registering here on EBOF!


Glad to see another F150 owner joining us here...... :hail:


Fantastic pictures btw, I really, REALLY love these trucks..... unfortunately I am compelled to live my life vicariously through you owners.


We look forward to your involvement here.


Mike :yo:

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