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Forced Modifications (Completed 06/05/13).....

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Well, I suppose it was inevitable. Last Wednesday morning, while returning home from my usual night shift, I opted to take an alternate route home due to a collision on the local Tollway that snarled up traffic.


Well, go figure, ended up striking a rather large raccoon that darted out into traffic, from a forest preserve / park area where the road passed by.....


Long story short, ended up completely tearing off my custom, lower front chin spoiler, pulled it under the car, and I ended up driving over it, subsequently smashing it smithereens. :doh:


In the process, it took with it, the lower front deflector (commonly the smaller under belly pan piece under the radiator core), damaged both front inner wheel well liners, and also somehow managed to also dislodge the passenger side LED marker lamp, and the ultimate insult was the entire backwards 'C' channel located all along the OEM front bumper cover, was damaged as well. :frusty:


Well, I've been scrambling to make a bunch of calls and locate all the necessary replacement parts at a reasonable price, and opted to pull the trigger on another mod that I had on the back burner, and that was to get the entire lower pieces (side rocker panels, and rear valance) painted as well.


Because I believe I am still under some secret squirrely double probation through the insurance company for the Charger accident (which was like a $40K+ claim) I opted rather than file a claim, to pay for all of this myself out of pocket.


Not the best modification I was looking to drop coin on, but eh, I guess it motivated me to move up the lower side rocker panels and rear valance on the proverbial mod list.


So it oughta look pretty decent in the end (i'm hoping) and it should take about 6-8 weeks from today to finish everything up. Why that long? Well, my body shop has all the work involved in sanding down, refilling, sanding down again the lower rockers (which are now as all of you know, that textured, dimpled cheap looking plastic crap).


Then they have to prime 'em, spray 'em, wet sand 'em, clear 'em etc. that process alone oughta take 1-2 weeks contingent on their work flow.


Also, they have to completely spray the new front OEM front bumper cover/clip and then mount the new replacement chin spoiler (which will be coming in already painted gloss black).


All of these painted parts will sit in their facility for 30 days, in order to completely cure properly, at which point, I will then have all of these pieces professionally covered with genuine 3M Clear Bra Paint Protection Film, before all of this can get re-installed onto my car.


So again, I'm looking at a 6-8 week turn around from today.


In the interim, I am still driving my SHO beast around, and it looks like a true redneck, hillbilly car for the time being.


Not the best feeling in the world by any means, but I suppose a short term loss, for a much longer term gain.


I won't argue with that.


Here are some pics that I took of how the car is sitting as of this morning. I will re-post completed pics once the work is done.


Enjoy! :thumb:



The Morning Of "The Incident":







The Ordered Replacement Parts (chin spoiler not shown / not arrived yet):





Psgr Side LED Strip Replaced, Lower Side Rockers, and Rear Valance Removed:














So I suppose those upgraded turbo's may have to hold off just a tad bit longer (but are still, very much on the mod plans for this year) and in case I failed to mention, I will be having all the lowers sprayed in a gloss black, so that it "ties in" the whole car together, from top to bottom, front to rear.

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Sorry to read that Mike. I am glad that you are taking this sad event and turn it into an opportunity that will make you enjoy even more your car in a fes weeks (I have done the same two times recently!). I think you are exagerating your hillbilly statement... From that pic, it doesn't look damage beside the missing "fog" light... Actually, I believe you could win car of the month again! Lol

Good luck and looking forward to seeing the outcome.


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Thanks fellas for all the comments posted thus far.


Yes, it definitely does bear a hillbilly like semblance..... but I'm ok with it for now.


No dead 'coon pics, as it was still dark during the drive home at around 0615hrs.


I am trying to remain positive about the whole thing, it does suck, but 'eh, the good thing is, is that now I can ditch the front plate in it's entirety.


I can also have the entire front clip 3M Clear Bra'd which something I wanted to do from day one, just didn't have the funds at the time of purchase.


Plus, now having driven it for 3 years, inevitably, there are a few road rash related small chips in the paint, etc. Which would've required it to be repainted anyhow.


The other thing, is now I can possibly throw the damaged bumper, (sans the chin spoiler) onto the car during those Winter driving months & not be a nervous wreck about driving it around.


I am enjoying the extra ground clearance, but I am trying to remember not to get used to it, as eventually the car will be whole once again.


That air jack device is something the body shop uses, & it really is a pretty cool lil contraption. Beats the hell out of the floor jack I use at home.


I'm anxiously looking forward to the final results, as getting the side skirting / rocker panels, and rear valance painted to match, is also something i've desired to do for a while now too.


So in the end, a minor set back on the front end, but coordinating everything else into the project, will make for a much better, overall completed look in the end.


6-8 weeks seems like a long time, but i'm sure it'll go by quickly. So i'm estimating end of May, beginning of June at this point.


Which will no doubt knock me out of a lot of the local car shows during that time frame, however I did just get invited this week to do the 2013 DUB Car Show, held on June 22nd @ McCormick Place (indoors).


So the flip side, is the car will look even better for those bigger shows.


Now just to get those upgraded turbos worked into the mix, as well as another drive out to LMS for yet another custom dyno tune will certainly make 2013 another exciting year for my SHO.


Loving it :thumb:


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Mike, that's exactly how my front end looked when I lost the same parts. However, I didn't take the rest of the molding off, but your car does look like a Redneck custom now! But at least since the back trim is off you can really shine up the exhaust tips now!

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Because I believe I am still under some secret squirrely double probation through the insurance company for the Charger accident (which was like a $40K+ claim) I opted rather than file a claim' date=' to pay for all of this myself out of pocket.[/quote']


Sorry to hear about the bad luck, that sucks!


Just a bit of info on insurance. It should be a comp claim (assuming the insurance company does things right while setting up the claim, and the laws there are the same) and comp claims are not chargeable claims. And wild animals are always comp claims in MN at least... It woudnt hurt to check into it with your agent/company.


In MN a comp or collision claim is only looked at in any way for 3 years with most if not all companies. Only collision claims are chargeable, and those involve hitting other cars, signs, etc...


Wild animals are always comp claims here.


If it was me, I would file the claim. I am sure there would be $1000-$3000 in damage and this is exactly what insurance is for.


I personally carry $100 deductible on my cars in case something like this happens. Then you would have more $$$ for the turbo upgrade sooner! :RpS_thumbsup:

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You still might have time to get back to the crime scene before the crows, and make a coon skin cap.

I've had many bad experiences including a complete total at Laguna Seca in my mustang from brake failure, which insurance didn't cover.

Just trying to ease a little pain for ya, it could always be worse.

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hey mike sorry to hear about ur accident, and i think thats gonna make a huge difference getting those pieces painted, thats what i did when i got my car painted over late last year all the pieces were painted tuxedo black and also the whole body kit, those pieces painted make a big difference in appearence and i feel and agree with you on that greyish/pimply plastic look.

good luck and cant wait for pics

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I think those pieces painted, make a big difference in appearence and I agree with you on that greyish/pimply plastic look.


Good luck and cant wait for pics!


Thanks Anthony......


I'm looking forward to the entire lower end being painted now too!


I also got heads up on another new mod, which may be shipping out early next week, which will require a lil addt'l paint work on my end, once those "other" (undisclosed) items arrive at my doorstep.



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really mike !!! really ????? your gonna make me lose sleep and toss n turn and wonder and loose what lil hair i have left just wondering what this mod is gonna be ! lol, can i (we) have a date or countdown on this please so i have something to look forward to ?pleaseeeee lol

cant wait though, and im sure its gonna be a first and a one of a kind as usual buddy!







Thanks Anthony......


I'm looking forward to the entire lower end being painted now too!


I also got heads up on another new mod, which may be shipping out early next week, which will require a lil addt'l paint work on my end, once those "other" (undisclosed) items arrive at my doorstep.



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Sorry to hear about the impact! But I must say, I cannot wait for the after shots.







I gotta get me one of those!


Damn Mike that really sucks, I know how that feels. I hit a deer once in my Mark LT, I know a "little" bigger than a coon but the SHO is a lot lower than the Mark LT. Busted up my truck big time. It should look crazy when you are done, it's a good this it didn't cause you to go off the road. Out past the city limits here you see it all the time, someone tries to avoid a coon or a turtle and they go off the road into the ditch or worse a tree. Glad to hear you are ok.

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Can It Get Any More Ghetto Fabulous???


So, figuring that as long as I'm getting all of this other crap worked on and what not, I opted to touch base with a local powder coater in regards to re-spraying my white mesh upper / lower screens on the MS grilles.


They have seen better days after almost 2.5 years worth of daily driving, and rust was beginning to present itself.


So I discussed the issue with the powder coating vendor, and he's going to sand blast them & then acid dip them to get 'em down to the bare metal, and then recoat them with a quality, zinc based primer, before PC'ing them with a fresh coat of bright white.


In the mean time, my car is beginning to look pretty ghetto fabulous, and appears vulture's had a feast, snacking on various panels of the car.


I'm kind of digging it, cuz it's so ridiculously stupid, I can't help but laugh. No, I am not washing it either.


Call it my own depression phase...... fitting that even Mother Nature is gray, overcast, and crying for me as well.....





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