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2014 Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA - 25th Anniversary of the SHO


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As I stated elsewhere, I'll fire off a few emails to some of the staff at Corporate (that I know) and see what kind of plans, if any, could be had considering it's the 25th Anniversary of the SHO.


Event pre-registration, from my experiences in attending other Nationally based shows, certainly helps show the commitment(s) of intended attendee(s).


One year away does fly pretty quickly, and trust me, there are a literal TON of logistics involved.


But preliminary interest displayed thus far is definitely encouraging.




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2013 was awesome despite the rain on Friday.


There was a good showing of 4th Generation SHOs.


Attached is a pic that I took where I attempted to capture all the SHOs.


If you count up the hill there are about 14 to 15 (couple off camera).


I plan to be there next year! The group of us there late on Saturday talked about maybe getting a tent next year to keep dry when that annual shower comes and to avoid sun burns :).


I'll post more pictures from this year, but I have to re-size them, My originals are too large.


Paul - Washington, D.C.


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I am really looking forward to making this happen. I already sent a PM to markssho and told him I would do whatever anyone wants me to do to help get this event together. Just let me know what you would like me to do. I don't have an contacts at Carlisle, but I am close enough to go to their office if that is needed to get us registered for the Ford Nationals or whatever needs done. I think this could be a great chance to meet everyone and spend some time together.

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Just a small update, I meant with bamsho yesterday to discuss Carlisle '14...we got information on getting a tent, and getting registered as a club to attend. Looks like the tent is $175.00....so now we are looking for ideas on how to move on. Bamsho has not gotten much of a response from Ford but I'm thinking we should start by getting a list of people who would are thinking of attending to make sure those people have the up to date info that we have, and can make reservations for hotel/motel if they need it. Any input and help is appreciated...I know it seems like a long way out, but we all know... Tempus Fugit...Time Flies!

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