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Positive Cold weather effects

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Anyone noticed that the engine seems to be peppier and run harder when its colder outside?


Also, in 100+ F weather it seems asthmatic...


No complaint, just an observation...


Put on a Cold Air Intake and benefit from that effect all year.

Lots of us have AirRaid and are very happy with it.



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Yes traction is big issue right now with colder temps, I fear this may not be so beneficial for me come the 26th for LMS event. Unless the track is warm and can get tires warmed up. Testing on a industrial drive in these cooler temps I am now bounce off rev limiter when shifting into second gear. Hopefully it will be a clear day with lots of sun to heat the track.

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My best runs are often when I arrive at the track, when there is no lineup and I can race right away... From highway cruising, engine is cool and tires are warmed up too... When we leave the car cool down, the engine and intake are cold, but not only tires are cold too and tend to bump as they can't grip, but also I found that my brakes are cold too and can't hold over 1800-2000 rpm and the car starts moving forward and the car doesn't launch as well... So all the time to wait for

optimal engine and intake temperature is wasted with traction issue and brakes not able to hold stall... Hard to have optimal conditions!

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June, Detroit, 100F, 12.79 at 107 with stage 4

July, 75F, 12.43 at 113.5

October, Montreal, 57F, 12.12 at 116.5 with stage 5

Every 10F = 0.1 sec in 1/4 mile... So yes, cold weather really helps!

For the ones not familiar with 1/4 mile, 0-60 is about 0.05 faster per 10F drop in temps.


I'm jealous it will still be in the med 70's in NOV for the last track date. Wish I could come to MILIAN,but me and the "OLD LADY" will be on the road to catch the boat in FLA. for a week. That the only way the "OLD LADY" WILL LET ME TAKE the "OTHER WOMAN"(THE SHO) to the track Nov 9. LOL

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With the colder weather' date=' once in awhile my traction control light comes on (when turning and getting on it), and that has never happened in the warmer weather.[/quote']


Your summer tires need heat to make 'em work right. Once it gets down below 50 degree they get hard and traction suffers.

That and colder denser air will produce more power.



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