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Livernois Tuned!


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My tune review from the other night was lost in the server crash, so I figured I'd write a new one...


As I mentioned, I stopped at Livernois last Friday to pick up a tuner.


I had a full tank of 87 octane fuel in the car, so I got the MyCalibrator device loaded with Livernois' custom 87, 89, 91, and 93 octane tune files.


I immediately noticed improved throttle response and the transmission calibration was much improved! Shifts are now firm and precise and it no longer feels lazy or like the trans is slipping between gears.


In stock form, the car would chirp the tires (barely) and go. Even with the 87 octane tune loaded, you have to roll into the throttle or the tires spin through first, chirp on the 1-2 shift, and spin through the rest of second gear. If you roll into it, it still spins a bit and chirps the tires on the 1-2, but it feels much quicker.


The 93 octane tune which I loaded a few nights ago felt almost like going from stock to the 87 octane tune in terms of seat of the pants gain. I stopped by my parents to take my dad for a ride and he couldn't believe the difference hand held device could make.


This is without a doubt, the best modification for these cars. In addition to the increased power, it gets mcuh better fuel economy. In stock form with 87 octane, I was seeing 22.5 avg mpg (all city). With the Livernois 87 octane tune, even with some spirited driving, I was seeing just over 26 mpg (all city).


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Glad you love your tune. You will never want to go back. I have LMS Stage 4+ 93 octane in my 2012 SHO, and I drive it daily, you get used to it real quick. If you have to take the tune out for any reason and drive it, it will feel like it can't get out of it own way.

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Here's the dyno sheet. Check out the stock curve (blue) vs tuned (red). There are huge gains in power and tq.





Brian' date=' Rick was well aware of the ability of LMS....he was their internet sales guy who worked with many of us when we got our tunes. BTW, Rick did an outstanding job for them and went above and beyond to help us![/quote']


I was there for 10 years and my co-workers were like part of my family and are great friends!

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