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Meth tunes results for the SHO and Wife's Escape


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Very interesting day at the track. Temps were very low 50's and super windy. Head wind of 20mph, and track prep wasn't the greatest, Rich Yaklin Jr. knows what I mean. Started out with 93 V8 meth tune, not sure what was up, but didn't run like it should. So after 3 runs I did the big NO NO, I reflashed to the 93 V10 Meth tune. First run, YES running a lot faster, and got into the 12.4s. That was my goal for at Beaver Springs. Then Kris started running the Escape. As you will see, she treed me BAD! So over all, very good day, in spite of the conditions. Tire pressures were at 22psi and one run I squealed the tires thru 1st and 2nd. Think there is more with better conditions at Beaver.




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Wonder what the Escape would do with Meth????

No $h!t right????


I think a Meth kit for Kris' Escape is in order for this year's Christmas gift Brian.


I mean, after all, there are only so many Christmas' in which you can place yourself naked ubder the tree, wrapped strategically in bow & ribbon.


Time to change it up for 2017, & get her on the Meth train!


Congrats btw on the new PB's! Most impressive!


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