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Attention Photobucket Users.....


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I recieved notice that as of 06/23/2017, PB has revamped their TOS (Terms Of Service) that will likely have profound effects on all account holders / users.


Effective immediately, PB is no longer allowing their customers "3rd party hosting".


In other words, any pictures you post on any forum, or other 3rd party entity, whereas a link is used originating from PB, you will not be allowed to post said image.


Now, here's the kicker.


They now have a subscription option available that would supercede and/or override this, and allow users to restore their images to said 3rd party platform, however, the MINIMUM SERVICE LEVEL IS (a automatic recurring) $399 ANNUALLY!


Holy balls!


Totally not kidding folks.


They have lesser subscription levels for $99.99 & $58.99 p/year, but neither of those 2, lesser options permit/allow 3rd party hosting.


This is incredibly unfortunate and there was no advanced notice about this change in terms.


Considering I have hundreds, if not thousands of images uploaded to PB myself, and posted in several venues, I may be forced to re-download all of my images, close my account, and search for a different vendor to host them.


Regardless, that means any/all images posted in my "How-To's" etc. would have to be re-linked/modified/edited, which quite honestly will take an extensive amount of work to take on.


I could avoid that I suppose, by flipping the mandatory $399 p/year fee now imposed, but F me. I mean really PB!?!?!?!


Terribly disappointed.



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Yep. It sure is all messed up.


Not sure if they got a new CEO, or their board made a decision to implement all of these sudden, and recent changes, but it's not good.


You'd think between the barrage of advertisements there, that they'd cut their individual accounts holders some slack.


I mean I am still having a difficult time grasping $400 per year.


I mean seriously. Someone over there at PB suddenly became a money grabbing wh0r3.


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Supposedly 06/23/17.


I've tried looking at some of my most recent photos, and it has the same locked/blocked/prevented from viewing image that was sent to me via email, as well as when I logged into my PB account.


Someone anyone go double check for me.


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I have downloaded my pics off PB and deleted my account. They impose a 2 day waiting period on the acct delete tho, in case you change your mind. Luckily I only had hundreds to download LOL.


Yes, you should always return to stock tune and 2 bar MAP when taking your car in to the dealer for service!!!

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