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2013 Auxiliary OIL Cooler Retro... Completed 09/18/12!

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After the successful retro-fit/install of the 2013 Auxiliary Trans Cooler onto my 2010 SHO, as well as the OUTSTANDING results achieved there after......


I have decided to step out into my pioneering mode once again, and be the 1st to venture into retro-fitting the 2013 Auxiliary OIL Cooler :thumb:


I began placing some inquiries in the last few weeks, both locally, as well as checking with our EBOF Supporting Vendor Mr. Torrie McPhail, owner of Unleashed Tuning.


Collectively, all the sources I tapped, have been very helpful in providing me with the information I was seeking on this latest mod to my SHO.


Eventually, I will be providing the EBOF community with yet another one of my infamous "How-To" write up's on this project, when all of the parts arrive accordingly.


For now however, I wanted to at least place this thread out there in the hopes of generating interest.


Not only interest in the mod, but also to help continue providing the beneficial aspects of retro-fitting genuine FMC parts onto us SHO/EcoBoost owners who are of the 2010, 2011, and 2012 model years respectively.


The image below is an exploded diagram of the 2013 Auxiliary OIL Cooler. This was originally provided to me by Mr. Torrie McPhail (thanks Torrie :hail:)





Yesterday, 07/10/12, I ventured on over to the Dealership where I purchased, and service my SHO (http://www.currieford.com) and visited my wonderful employees in parts.


They were, as always, quite helpful.


It's funny, because everytime I go there, they routinely ask "what are you doing now?" or "what's the latest?"


So I think I am just as humored by them and with their queries about my SHO, as they are humored by me constantly being at their parts counter.


Currently, all of these parts are on a Nationwide Backorder. No fulfillment/delivery date was estimated. My parts contact stated "these may take some time".


Therefore, the addition of this mod, will be contigent on when FMC begins fulfilling the backorder's, and the parts I've ordered, arrive in my grubby lil hands.


In the interim, I have listed the part #'s, as well as the LIST PRICE(s) of each respectively.


I would suggest, to those who are interested, to contact EBOF Supporting Vendor Unleashed Tuning in order to obtain discounted pricing.


Plus, for those truly serious about adding this to their mod list, you may want to at least place your parts order now, through Torrie, in order to get your placement in the back order pipeline.


Here's the parts breakdown as I understand it:



Oil Cooler Assembly, 8A8Z*6A642*A, List Price @ $126.48


Hose Assembly, DG1Z*6A715*A, List Price @ $35.87


Oil Fill Adaptor, AT4Z*6881*A, List Price @ $107.89


Oil Pressure Switch Assembly, 6U5Z*9278*D, List Price @ $40.32


Hex Bolt(s) --pkg of 4--, W503283*S437, List Price @ $1.00


Hex Bolt(s) --pkg of 4--, W503277*S437, List Price @ $1.00



For those of you desiring to also swap out for a new oil filter (which I'm not cuz I just had a recent oil change)....


Oil Filter, FL*500*S, List Price @ $9.76


Now there are four additional parts that is showing in the diagram supplied by Torrie, but my parts people did not order them.


I am (hopefully) picking up some other parts either tomorrow, 07/12/12, or Friday 07/13/12, so I will clarify why these were not ordered.


I am not sure if they are simply included with the above items, or if they truly are separate and also will need to be ordered.


I also do not have the entire part #'s as of this posting. I will update further by the end of the week.


For now, part description, and partial part #'s on those items in question are as follows:


Gasket, Call Out# 6840A


Gasket, Call Out# 6840B


Threaded Bush, Call Out# 6890


Plug, Call Out# HP1



Stay tuned to this thread for further updates, as they come along.


Mike :yo:

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Great idea Mike, this is another mod I would do in a heartbeat. Also the name Tasca has been associated with high performance and racing for as long as I can remember and even longer. Currently, Bob Tasca III campaigns an AA/FC (nitro) Mustang in NHRA Funny Car ranks and is sponsored in large part by Ford Quick Lane service. So I would think you could purchase from them with confidence. I am still waiting on the aux. trans cooler, since I have not seen anything resolving the problem with the ACC radar unit being in the way of installation of the cooler, but the oil cooler idea is 2 thumbs up, and added to my list....geeesh, I may never get my gauge pod installed!!!!!

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The other remaining 4 parts you requested that have the yellow dot next to them are included with the oil filter adapter 6881 denoted below :


Gasket, Call Out# 6840A


Gasket, Call Out# 6840B


Threaded Bush, Call Out# 6890


Plug, Call Out# HP1



Awesome! Thank you so much for verifying the inclusion of those parts with the oil filter adaptor. :hail:


So, I guess based on that verification, it looks like the TOTAL LIST PRICE for this mod (minus the actual oil filter) will be:



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I have already done a similar thing... I have oil lines running thru all of my A/C vents! They are right next to my beer tapper mod....


Is this from the PP 2013 SHO, or from the Police Package EB Taurus?


I believe its for the 2013 SHO w/PP, according to what I have read, this is part of the Package... the thicker radiator (33mm instead of 26mm correct me if I am wrong). These are also used on the the Police package.

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Thanks entirely to fellow EBOF member Mac98SHO (Scott) who approached me during the Nat'l SHO Convention last week, Scott mentioned having noticed this thread I created and offered up his 2013 SHO w/ PP in order to capture a few images of where the "open end" of these oil cooler lines lead to....


It appears after inspecting his set up, that there is some type of hard plastic tube that has two 'T' fittings built into it, in which this tube assembly is inserted in line with the large radiator hose.


I have yet to obtain the proper part number as I am not currently at home and am burning up my last weeks worth of vacation with the family.


But suffice it to say, those who are interested in performing this retro-fit, we'll probably need a complete new radiator hose that has this fitting built into it.


Just wanted to provide updates as I have received them and thanks once again to fellow EBOF member Mac98SHO for providing this info for the benefit of the entire community.


Images as follows below.....



Scott's '13 SHO, standing in front of engine bay, peering down, cooling lines coming from the auxiliary oil cooler itself (on the left) and leading towards the right where they hook up with the 'T' fitting radiator hose....





Scott's '13 SHO, standing at the psgr front qtr, looking towards the driver's side, an image of how the lines attach to the 'T' fitting on the radiator hose....





Because I couldn't "get in there" with the camera, in order to get an accurate representation of the actual plastic tube assembly with the 'T' fittings, Scott suggested I take a look at a fellow convention attendee's 2013 Boss302 Mustang (which also has the auxiliary oil cooler) and snap off a few pics so y'all can get a better idea of what I am looking at. Those images are below:







So, hopefully Torrie will be able to hunt down this part number and post up, or I'll have to wait until I return to my Dealership (sometime late next week) and obtain it myself.


Speaking of which, parts must still be on back order as I hadn't recv'd any calls from the Dealership as of 07/23/12.

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I assume since the oil cooler is a small unit and liquid cooled that it won't require additional oil to the 6 quarts required?


I believe that would be a correct presumption Mark.


Thanks Torrie for posting that diagram.


Any idea if there are additional plastic fittings that get placed on the end of the cooling hoses, or if those come with that hose assembly?


It's kind of difficult to distinguish from the size of the diagram (even when expanded).




Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2

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Got a phone call from the Dealership, parts came in off of backorder......


Went in and picked 'em up, and also placed an order for that new, revised radiator hose that has the hard plastic tube inline, with the the two 'T' fittings....


Thankfully, that part alone is NOT on backorder and is expected to arrive by week's end.


In the interim, here's some pics I snapped off of the parts recv'd thus far......













































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*** Friday, August 10th, 2012 ***


Picked up what I believe are last, and final parts in order to complete this mod......


They are the newly revised upper, and lower radiator hoses, that have the hard plastic 'T' fittings for the cooling lines that come FROM the auxiliary oil cooler itself, and hook up into this 'T' fitting (in order for the coolant to cycle through the actual oil cooler).


Now, don't be alarmed, however there is a 3rd hose line that stems off of this 'T' fitting. This 3rd line is for the transaxle cooler that comes pre-installed on all 2013 PP and Police Package Taurus'.


Before any of you even go asking, I already spoke to Ford Executive Mr. Steven Ling in regards to performing the retro-fit for the transaxle cooler and long story short...... uber extensive amount of work. Like so much work, it's not even worth it IMHO.


Therefore, I will be electing to simply "cap off" this 3rd hose line so that it's not even a factor or being used. At all.


Moving along, here are the images, the proper part #'s, and the corresponding LIST Prices for each.


All parts combined from Ford, I believe (w/o looking back at the OP) members can expect to pay a combined $400 or so for parts alone in regards to this mod.


Now let's get to the pics:



Upper Radiator Hose, Part# AA5Z*8286*D, List Price @ $46.22







Lower Radiator Hose, Part # DG1Z*8286*B List Price @ $50.69







I probably will be doing one of my famous "How-To's" on this install, and will post it in an entirely separate thread.


I am awaiting the delivery of my catless down pipes, along with a 3rd, secret squirrelly mod that has yet to be revealed, and will coincide with the install of the auxiliary oil cooler mod.....


So at this point, it's just a matter of correlating and coordinating all 3 projects into one, so I minimize my down time. That, and my mechanic friend is currently on vacation but due to return back soon.


Since his normal day to day, run of the mill repairs will take precedence over my "fun / play" projects, I am also anticipating having to yield to his availability as well.


But all the proverbial ducks seems to be aligning, which I consider to be great news.


Stay tuned fellow EBOF'ers :bolt:

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But this 3rd mod' date=' I didn't know we were keeping secrets now?[/b']


Hhhmmmm.... well let's just say that you, of all people Chris, will certainly appreciate this 3rd (kept under wraps for now) mod.....


That's all the hint I'm willing to provide at this time :bolt:


Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2

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Hhhmmmm.... well let's just say that you, of all people Chris, will certainly appreciate this 3rd (kept under wraps for now) mod.....


That's all the hint I'm willing to provide at this time :bolt:


Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2


But of course I can, or I would have been calling you by now.:thumb:

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