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just a few new lil looking cool mod things. not yet completed !

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its not finished and i have a few more lil things to do and finish up on,but im sure some of u are gonna love it,like it, dont care,hate it etc. but like i have always said please tell me what you think and your honest opinion good or bad i accept and appreciate, i love the vent look as its not over powering and love when the hood is open it shines and glows up the engine, thanks guys and let me hear it !!! lol











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Holy crap that's cool!! Nice work!


I just happened to switch my interior color to red last night too! Now if you could set up all the LED color options to work in conjunction with the ambient lighting options...WOW!!! ;) It would only add about 10 lbs worth of LEDs to your hood! ;)



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yeah like i said the grill glows up alot and way brighter then i thought which i cant drive around with that unless im asking for trouble, and still gotta do the bottom grille, but i do plan on painting the grill black and leaving the chrome outside part, and i think that will def. look better and might dull it out a lil bit, but if not i might cut down a few led's on the grill but otherwise it is what is it is and im happy, during the day cant really tell and not over powering at all but as u see at night it stands out a lil to much for me also, but as i said its a work in progress and will keep in touch and post the pics, also i love how it glows up the engine bay when the hood is open, thanks again guys for ALL comments

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mj thats i think in all states that law, but like i said i dont drive at night with the red grill light on, but the vents lights are perfect and not bright at all, u can see a low lil light from the front and from the side and back u can see it a lil more, its not a overpowering and bright as the grill, but during the day i can cause its not really noticable or if im just sitting chilling,relaxing with people in a meet or get together and when the hood is hopen the engine bay is brightened up and glows it up nicely,






Looks good' date=' I like only problem in Pennsylvania you are not allowed forward facing red light, it is reserved for police use. So it would be a problem in my state, but looks great![/quote']
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I was approached about doing something similar....


Wasn't sure if I wanted to honestly, was afraid it would lend itself to the typical "ricer" comments.


I like the vent lighting, a lot actually.


The grille though seems a bit overdone.


I like your thinking about perhaps reducing the amount of bulbs in that location only.


Maybe save yourself some coin and w/e you remove from the upper, transfer 'em into the lower :noidea:


Pretty cool though overall, just needs a lil tweaking here and there.


Keep it up Anthony, your SHO's coming along nicely.


Mike :yo:


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thanks, and yes i know a bunch of ya wouldnt do it or like it or think of doin it to your own car, but just trien some stuff out thats why its a work in progress, i love my hood and vents and the lighting on the vents as its not so overpowering and looks great when hood is popped open and glows up the engine bay, and the grill looks ok but way to overpowering and i really cant use it cause i cant drive around with that as then mike would be pulling me over everyday and night lol, so its a work in progress, but thanks guys for your opinions,comments !!

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mj and mike, TRUST ME u dont want a write up from me lol, i had my friend who does all custom work on bikes,boats,cars stereo systems etc. do it, all i know is that it took a long time as i will try to get better pics or at least try to explain as i watched him do it (5-6 hours) on the vents it took alongggggggg time cause it was 5-6 led lights that then was cut and soldered together, this was done alot as i have 5 strips on each vent so each one had to be cut soldered together then all the wires which was alot as i was watching was tucked under the hood fire protective layering then connected to the battery where he put a fuse on as its best and safest he said to fuse anything and everything, then he tucked it under the driving side wall using a flexing thin tubing where its heat/fire proof and expands and stretches,(not the platic tubing, but similar just this was alot better quality) and then hooked it up to a 2 way switch under the right side under the steering wheel, 2 way switch i wanted as i can have it clicked up on 1 for just the vent lights to be on which i like and want on all the time as its not as crazy bright so (mike, lol) the cops dont bother me, and the switch down on 2 is for the front grill and vents, he hooked it up so it can be on whenever i want not just when the car is on, cause i wanted that way if im hanging out and wanted to have all the lights on and not driving then i could, if you have anymore questions please ask away or pm me or ask for whatever i can try to assist with, and if its something that you need to know and that i cant help or name it or etc. i will ask my friend and then get back to you, but thanks on ALL comments ( even the pumpkin looking one) lol























In other words it sounds like you need to write up a "How-To" Anthony.....




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