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My Last Car Show For 2012 (Updated w/ lots of pics)....


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For any and all of you fellow Northern Illinois SHO Owners.....


Just thought to let you all know, that I will be in attendance for my last show of 2012.


It's being put on by RPM, and is sponsored by many large local media outlets, and various car clubs, automotive related customs shops, etc.


It's a family friendly event being held Saturday, October 20th, from 5pm to 10pm.


Halloween theme prevails, and 85 total awards will be being handed out for the vehicles and bikes entered, as well as separate awards for halloween costumes.


Address is: 3440 Odyssey Court, Naperville, IL. 60563


This event is held right next door to Odyssey Fun World, which is right @ I-88 and IL Route 59.


See/refer to the attached flyer for further details. Or: http://www.rpmeventseries.com


I hope to see some of you come out and make an appearance.


I will be rolling in with my usual car club, Team SHOCKWAVE Customs.

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Good ending of the season Mike, a show with, I am sure, a nice trophy and the Livernois track rental event! And on top, a nice beer and hamburger at the small restaurant we went you, Chris and I last time before heading to Milan with the friendly waitresses and the tattoed biker don't f... with me head owner... Lol!

Looking forward to seeing pics vids and stories on all those three topics!

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Wow..... super hella tired. Since I work a midnight shift, I'm used to sleeping during the day.


I can tell all of you that I've been up, literally for the last 48hrs, prep'n the SHO, and detailing the crap out of it for this last show of 2012.


I'll post some pics up tomorrow, after I get done unloading all the crap out of it, etc.


But, I took home an award for "Best Four Door"!


Which essentially means, that out of all the 4 door cars there, the judging teams thought mine was the best. Pretty damn cool.


Best Ford went to a 1990 Ford Tempo, which deservedly so, this guy had it all..... Interior, Exterior, Audio, Lighting...... sh!t, you name it.


Again, I'll post up some pics some time late tomorrow, just wanted to let y'all know that I'm four for four for car shows this year. Each time I've entered, I've won an award.


Cool beans!

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Way to go Mikey! Even though you have us expecting no less than trophies and award with your ride, it is still quite an accomplishment every time you bring one back home. Well done for the nice prep but mostly for all your dedication to your car. We are all proud on the way you represent the SHOs and we all benefit from your creativity and determination.

Thanks and bravo!

Now for that fastest SHO title, I think I know two other guys that are very commited as well! Good luck! In the mean time I will enjoy my last week with the title lol!

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Alright ladies and gents......


Just got done unloading my car of all the display related materials (carpet, signs, misc.) .......


So I have to tell all of you, the car was well received. Many people came up and were intruiged by my SHO. The "older" crowd as I term it loosely, remembered the previous Generation's of SHO's and were really impressed with what Ford has accomplished with this newest Generation.


The "younger" crowd (which I would classify in the teen's, to early/mid 20's) could be heard exclaiming "is that the new SHO?" and then immediately following it up with mentioning the commercials we've all seen where the new SHO's being drifted around the track with the various FMC Engineer's screaming and giggling like lil girls.


Lots of questions, lots of compliments, and it was a good day for the Ford Taurus SHO platform. A few of the younger "kids" were even mentioning hearing about the rumors of a SHO version of the Fusion, and I was surprised to hear the Focus ST even being tossed around out there.


So I'd say that in an overall manner, the entire EcoBoost platform from FMC is beginning to gain some traction.


Moving along, as I stated previously, I did capture an award for "Best Four Door". Which was cool.


Our car club "Shockwave Customs" had the biggest turnout of vehicles, and also encompassed the widest array of vehicles. From old school Muscle Cars, a couple of Low Riders, to SUV's, Tuners, to all out Tricked Out cars, both Foreign and Domestic.


We also won "Best Club Representation" and 1/4 of the way through the awards presentation(s), it became a redundant theme with so many awards going to Team Shockwave. Even Dj Julian from B96 (WBBM FM in Chicago) was like "Man, this Shockwave Customs has got it goin on here tonight, they're cleaning house with all these awards".


I had a lot of fun, although I'll add, being it was an outdoor event, held at night, almost all of us froze our @sses off as the temps quickly dropped down into the upper 30's after the sun went down. Bbbbrrrr.........


Here are some pics I captured primarily when cars were still rolling in, and owners were still setting up their displays, and/or performing the final detailing of their various rides. These pictures are not all encompassing of each vehicle that was there, just I would say about 1/2 of what eventually ended up rolling in.


I realize now I should've captured some night shots, as the various lighting displays, and vehicles with accessory LED lighting was pretty damn impressive. Oh well. Next time I suppose. Anyhow, onto the pics, hope you enjoy 'em!












































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