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Heck go big...put the 3.5l Ecoboost in a Fusion miniSHO!!!!

That would have been my first choice had it been available... But with all the mods done so far on the SHO, even if they had the new Fusion with a 3.5 EB, I would have to pass... I use to have, prior to the SHO, a 2009 V6 Fusion, electric blue with sport packape, bigger tips, all around skirts, a steeda cold air intake and a custom tune. I thought it was fast (14.9 at 93mph), but the lack of AWD was frustrating and then when I saw the SHO with Twin turbos and AWD, I said that would be the car worth to put some money on!


Here is how it looked and sounded... I actually miss the way it sounded and even with my current mods, I prefer the sound of the Fusion:



And this is where it all started for my passion for drag racing :




All that to say, that the new ST sounds great and a 3.5 EB version of the Fusion would be welcomed!

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