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Ford owners sue, saying EcoBoost engine defective

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Their litigation is probably the only tangible issue here.......


Their complaints? Not so much.


The story makes me question whether or not they took it to their dealer for servicing, or address same through those channels first.


America's more litigious than ever, and it's so easy to file a suit, that it's not even funny.


There are so many factors involved, that I don't put one iota of weight to this claim.


Happy motoring fellow Eco owners! :thumb:





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I work with guy that Ford totally shafted with his 2012 eco 150, cam phasers went bad, its well documented. And I believe there is even a TSB on if not mistaken. But Ford said they are not going to cover it, saying he must have not changed his oil often enough. Truck has 29k on it and the dealer had changed the oil 4 times plus he changed a few times his self. Now with seeing this article leads me to believe Ford is going to take the low road. By denying any fault of there own, my buddy works for Ford and called multiple people with in to pull some strings and they wont touch with a ten foot pole. And they told if him continues to pursue it the will void his warranty all together. Something smells rotten in Dearborn.

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Exactly what my 13 SHO did at 750 miles, engine went kaboom. Now I'm having nothing but problems with my car. Strange creaking noise under the passenger floorboard, weird sound under partial acceleration that I can only describe as an electrical sound, similar to a fax machine, it is very annoying and embarrassing to have people in the car. It's going to a different dealership because the original selling dealer sucks.

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That news article was the first I had heard of this issue. I know I hadn't read anything on the forums in regards to the SHO, so, I am skeptical too. One of the lawyer sites ask you to fill out a form if you have this engine and make any comments, perhaps we should reply that it hasn't happened to us, ha. Thought, they'd probably just take it as submissions to the issues to strengthen their case. ;-)

From what I read, the intercooler on the F150 is working too well in that, in very high humidity events, the air is condensing in the intercooler causing moisture within it and the piping. If you step on the gas, the turbo's suck so much air that it is getting water into the turbo/intake, etc. This is causing the limp home mode or shuddering at WOT. Apparently the TSB is to block a portion of the intercooler.

Of course, like the SHO, Ford has tons of TSB's for the F150, from suspension tweaks, ECU reflash/update, transmission, etc.


It all boils down to finding a good dealer. When is Ford going to realize they MUST hold their dealers accountable for customer service and product support?


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When is Ford going to realize they MUST hold their dealers accountable for customer service and product support?


Ideally, it would be a collaborative environment between customer, dealer, and manufacturer. Any design you put into use is going to have some "discoveries" in the field. If you are truly looking for Quality to be Job 1, continuous improvement should be your goal, and anyone can be that agent for change. That is also what creates loyalty to the brand, IMHO.

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None of the articles state catastrophic engine failure. Did the cam phasers cause the engine to blow? There has to be millions of ecoboosts engines since 2010 on the road today. I still believe looking at the percentages it's a small number of failures. jmo

lol no millions. maybe 100k-150k.


just browsed Youtube, and found some vids of EB trucks running very badly. and in my searches it seems to be just EB trucks effected. this puzzles me?


my SHO just passed 8k, and runs flawlessly and still scoots. i wonder if this is related to poor fuel quality?


something is fishy on both ends. Ford seems to be doing the usual big corp thing and looking the other way, and owners done ever seem to share any info on service history.




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They say the engine loses power while accelerating and stalls...? Has this happened to anyone on here?.

It did nearly that when my knock sensor wires were grounding against the engine block...I was almost t-boned a couple of times because of that issue. But once fixed it I never had that type of issue from the engine.


Now if I can only get my transmission to work right...


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