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bpd's MASSIVE audio build......

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Some of you know about this project of mine, that's been several months in the making.


For those of you that don't..... details will be forthcoming in this thread.


The SHO's being dropped off this Friday, and the long overdue installation, is finally commencing!


As I have grown to say over the years......




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It should be great, can't wait to see it...and to hear it!

Well it should be both a visual, and auditory extravaganza in its own right(s).


Starting with the following:


Two 15" subs

Two 12" subs

One pair 6x9's

Two pairs of 5x7's

Two pairs of tweeters


Four, Class D, digital amps surpassing 3,300 watts of clean, raw power.


The latest, WiFi, and Bluetooth enabled Lockpick for streaming.


More LED lighting all throughout interior and exterior.


All custom fabricated and installed of course.


I spent all of 2016 saving and purchasing the components, and have been anxiously anticipating the installation date arriving.


I am excited to say the least.


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Just brought up all the components from the basement that I've been purchasing for the last 15mo.'s, and am preparing to chuck them all into the SHO's trunk shortly.......




SHO's new home for the next 3-4 weeks will be here:





More close up shots of the components I've purchased, located here:




I will update the above album, with progress pics, as the project unfolds.


Stay tuned ladies and gents!




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He is worse than a kid at Christmas, HAHA! Glad the time is here, you've wait about a year to do this, plus least Shockwave doing the install, one less thing you have to worry about for the next 3-4 weeks. Def looking foward to Carlisle now. Oh should I contact CAT to see if they have a big enough portable generator for you to use. HEHE!!!

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Hahaha you clowns. I love it though.


SHO was dropped off this morning.


I could tell that the car did NOT appreciate having sat idle for a couple of months, as when I drove it to the shop, the oil change indicator, and the TPMS indicator, both illuminated on the drive over.


My eldest came to pick me up from the shop, and she was giving me just as much playful grief/commentary as you fools.


Lol. I can't escape it.


Anyhow, I spoke (at length) to both installers directly, and explained in finite detail, my expectations of this build.


One thing that was mentioned, was the likely need for a 2nd battery. So although nervous upon leaving, knowing my baby will be undergo major surgery/modification, I trust she is in great hands.


Both installers were smiling and seemed equally excited, envisioning this to be another aspect of my SHO, that should garner more attention, more awards, etc.


Finally, in the interest of not desiring to bother them (too much) by pestering them, I promised them (more importantly promised myself) to only stop by the shop, once per week.


As such, I simply requested if they could document the build, by capturing lots of "in progress" pictures. They acknowledged they would.


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@ mval.....


It will be a test of mental fortitude to remain steadfast to my self imposed guidelines, but I'm confident I can/will achieve that bar.


It helps having this Winter being the 1st Winter in which I have not driven her. Having her housed comfortably in the garage the last couple of months, has, in an odd way, made me comfortable in not "having her" if that makes any sense.




I'm a lil apprehensive as well, since the bill is, for all inclusive purposes, left "open ended" at this juncture.


But just as comfortable as I am with this vendor, I am equally as comfortable in saying they also won't stick that (pending) install bill way North of my most Southern orifice.




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How well I know the feeling of not having any updates for an extended period of time....just having a call even if it is to say we haven't gotten started yet would provide peace of mine.  Hopefully this won't turn out like my gauge install which ended up being close to 2 months....

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I'm really not worried about it. I know they were (still are) working on two other cars that are in front of mine.


I'm in no rush whatsoever. I presumed it would be 4-6 weeks. It could go quicker, or longer. I'm not pressuring them at all.


I will hold true to my self imposed, one check-in per week.


Great craftsmanship is akin to an artist painting his/her masterpiece. So I remain patient.


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mike- i agree with you on the wait. like i told the guys who did the dip in my engine, once we settled on design & $$, i told them time was not an issue what was the issue was for them to take the time to do it as perfect as they could. so it took about 3-4 weeks as i remember but was done right. so good luck, would love to hear it once it's done.

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Update ----- Week #2.


Still no progress.


I called and spoke with owner of the shop, and he said the installer's are angling to finish the 2 cars they're working on currently, for a show occurring tomorrow.


Said they'll have "something for me to look at, by this time, next week". Said they plan on beginning mine on Monday or Tuesday.


Owner's also trying to convince me into another mod that truthfully.... I have/had never even considered previously, and my initial thoughts were/are a vehement "no way". But now the idea's growing on me.


Told him I'd have to see in person, after he sent me a shitty cell phone pic. Time will tell as I mull it over (& over) in my brain.


Meanwhile, they have a Hummer in their shop currently, that is being outfitted with a massive build of its' own, the highlight being two (2) 21"..... yes 21" !!!!! Subwoofers! Holy bejesus.


Installing all sorts of other stuff as well, including 3 addt'l car batteries, bigger alternator, etc. I couldn't. Even. Imagine.


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Update ----- Week #3


Well, car was moved into the long term install bay.


Wood, plexi, leather, cloth, and carbon fiber material all have been ordered.


I was provided with a tentative, rough estimate of completion, for "early March".


I was approached by the owner, who had brain stormed and provided me with a myriad of (additional) potential "add-ons" above and beyond what I was/am prepared to complete at this time.


I politely declined, and then spoke with him hours later, assuring him I enjoyed his brain storming ideas, and suggested we can/should tackle this project in "stages".


He agreed & acknowledged that this initial "stage" is by far the most involved, and any additions performed at a later date/time, would not be anywhere near as "involved".


So, was told most materials expected to arrive next week and work will commence in earnest.


Hope everyone enjoys their weekend's.


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Well..... not really an update per se, or shall I say, an unintended one at that....


However, I received a text message from one of the installers today, that simply depicted work has officially commenced on the SHO.


What I was NOT prepared for, was the fact that those F'in clowns decided to poke a lil fun at my expense, by showing a pic that incorporated PINK LED's!!!!!


Goof balls I swear to God.




My reply simply entailed thanking them for the hearty laugh, but that they better remove that $h!t like el pronto.


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