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Dyno appointment tomorrow!


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I just spoke to him' date=' he is keeping together. lol[/quote']



Is to soon to add MOST POWER EVER to my signature?


Never too soon..... after all, we've all been gunning after Darrell, so I suppose his title of "world's fastest gen4 sho" has to fall at some point.


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Chris, you may for a moment have the most powerful SHO proven on a dyno, but I can tell you that I have just finalized the installation of my secret weapon (I feel like bpd1151 Mike here lol!), and my car definitly feels much faster than yesterday... Wow! First time I need to hold the steering strong when I hit it because it seriously pulls like never! No doubt, my car will see the 11's now as soon as weather drops... I'd be curious to see the new dyno sheet, but LMS is too far and there is one AWD dyno in Montreal but he charges 150-200$ and I'd rather spend this money on something else... Looking forward to seeing your results Chris and I suppose you are dying to run at the track sooner than later!

Cheers all!

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I know I know my 15mins fame will be short lived. I am not sure by how much I surpassed everyone else, I am sure not by much. I'll chalk up is lucky day on the dyno, LMS still has my car and probably will have all weekend. I am eager to see what the final out come will be. I'm eager to hear of your latest mod too... When do you plan on sharing???

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once i have tested it at the track... With work, the two young kids and my wife practicing belly dance 2-3 nights/week, the warm weather etc., it has been 2 months since my last track night!

So, i ll share when i ll test it or when mike will come out of the closet divulgating his recent mods lol ; )

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I have been talking with Rick of LMS and finally, my secret weapon happens to be Livernois' latest tune... and it is that same one that I have been driving for a few days now that your car was dynoed with!

It has been since I went in Detroit two months ago that I ask Dan and Rick for a tune with more boost to optimize the use of meth... Wow!

So, Rick mentioned me your dyno numbers and they are indeed impressive and a real improvement in performances compared to the previous tune (stage 4+ with meth)...

Definitely it will need to be named stage 5, only accessible for the ones running methanol.

I will let Chris and Rick unveil the impressive dyno numbers soon...

But in my mind, if I compare where I was, since Chris and I both have the same setup beside my custom exhaust, no doubt that this stage 5 is or was the missing ingredient to break into the 11's!


You'll be amazed Chris when you'll get your car back.

Looking forward to reading your impressions next week...


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I'll share when Mike comes out of the closet' date=' divulging his recent mods.[/b']


Who's the one that needs to be revealing this factoid? Certainly not I.... :tsk:


Where are these "PIE IN THE SKY" Dyno numbers???


Now, now EBB.......


Don't show your jealousy outwardly there Grandpa.....


We have to ease you into those #'s. Definitely no one desires for you have a cardiac event knowing that were all gonna spank your Flex's @ss.


You know, the one with Carriage Works Grille, & the custom RotoFab 'J' pipe, & the..... oh wait, I digress, for you remind us all constantly.




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